best friends or more

makenna and austin have been best friends forever but when austin becomes popular things start to change


32. the ending

Austins POV  

BUMM BUMMM BUMM. The sound of my heart beated faster and faster, I didn't know what to do. Was this it? Where these my final hours alive?

From what me and Dave planned Dave should be somewhere close. So that was a plus. Makenna looked down at me without the guys noticing. I told her to distract them,, distract them somehow for me to make it outside the room.

She knocked her chair over and started screaming causing them to run over to her to shut her up. I was able to make out from under the bed and make it half way to the door until, a big weight smashed on top of me. Beating me like crazy until I was able to grab a lamp and smash it on his head, passing him out. I got up to see the man by the door with Makenna in his hold and a gun to her head.

"I will shoot her if you dont back the fuck up, and get to the ground." He yelled.

"Dude, take me not her, please dont hurt her." I spoke quietly, with a tear running down my eye.

I got down...

Makenna's POV 

I dont think I have ever been so scared in my life. Seeing Austin crying and getting to the ground broke my heart. I knew at this point I was done, we were done, who knew what could happen from here.

About a second later we were pushed forward and a loud bang made this man fall to the ground bleeding. I turned around to see Dave standing there with a gun, laughing to himself.

I ran to Austin gripping him tightly. 

"I love you." Is all we spoke.

*1 year later*        

Right now we were both sitting back at are old hiding spot in the woods talking about old times, and snuggling.

Austin had come very far in his music, I couldn't be happier. We have not gotten married yet just because he doesn't have time quite yet to help me plan.

"Austin last year when we were in that big incident what would you of done, if he did shoot me.?

"..I wouldn't be able to live without you, ever, you die, I die. Your my world my everything."

I just stared into his big brown eyes, looked at his lips, and leaned in for a kiss that felt like never ended, fireworks lit through my body like the always did, and always will.

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