best friends or more

makenna and austin have been best friends forever but when austin becomes popular things start to change


18. the assistant


*2 weeks later...

Austins POV

So 2 weeks later of being engaged to the most beautiful women in the world felt AMAZING. But there was news i had to break to Makenna today. 

We would being going on tour for 3 months, and im hoping she will go.

Her eyes fluttered open i looked at her and smiled while brushing my teeth. She smiled and got up to do her daily morning routine. I had breakfast made and as she sat down as ready to tell her.

"Hey babe, so there's this thing i need to talk to you about.... I have a tour coming up it will last for about 3 months, will you come. Please?" I spoke quietly.

"OMG OMG OMG Yes Austin! I would LOVE too. Its going to be so much fun!"

I was thrilled she wanted to come. We would be leaving next week, so we had plenty of time, to pack and.. I needed to find an assistant. 

Makenna's POV

*A week later..

We were all packed and loading things on to the buses, 1 bus for Austins mom and his managers, and one for me, Austin, and the dancers. We had just got done loading the bus and seeing me and Austins amazing room until a car pulled up. 

There was this girl, are age maybe. Bleach blonde, practically a human barbie. She walking to the bus with a like 3 suit cases. 

Austin told me who she was, her name was Audrey. But A fucking assistant?! Why couldn't he of gotten a old lady?? 

The only good news was she would be staying on the other bus. She hugged Austin and just stared me down. Austin introduced me and we all went in for the night. Next stop.. New York..

We arrived in New York early morning. Austin was out discussing stuff with Audrey. I made breakfast and chilled on the couch till they returned Austin came and sat next to me while Audrey sat in the chair across from us, giving me an evil eye when Austin wasn't looking.

*Later That Night*

We were waiting on Audrey to come out so we could go for dinner, i was sent in to check on her. Great

Yes he has a girlfriend, but dont worry, i know how to handle a man. Have you seen me? *Laughs*

Well dont worry his girlfriend will be gone, and the money will be mine. Bye!

I was wondering who the hell she thought she was and who she was on the phone with. I knocked but she walked out to the car. 

"Bitch." I said quietly.

Austins POV

Dinner was great. We were now getting ready for bed but i could tell something was bothering her.

"Makenna whats been up with you tonight, you seem down?" I said.

She told me everything.

"I doubt that. You've always been jealous when it came to me and other girls! Whatever Makenna. Im going to talk to her, when you've pulled your self together let me know."

I left.

Makenna's POV

I was in tears. WTF was wrong with him?! Why does he not believe me. This does not make since. I went to apologize until i walked in on Austin and Audrey sitting together laughing with his hand on he leg, she looked up at me, eyed me, and leaned in and kissed him.

Did he kiss back?

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