best friends or more

makenna and austin have been best friends forever but when austin becomes popular things start to change


29. That makes us together


Austins POV

I tried calling back multiple times but nothing, I figured if I drove around for a while looking maybe just maybe I would get another call. 

*3 Hours Later*

I had litterly been to every house on this island and still gotten no where, I decided to turn up the radio and breathe for a minute.

"Next on the Bahamas 1 show were gonna be talking about a missing woman."

*Discussing everything*

"...If you have ANY information on this missing girl please call in now."

"Looks like we got a call Rob, Caller whats your name?"

"Joe, Joe Barker."

"Okay Mr. Barker Please if you saw anything please tell us."

"Okay, so I was driving down the street, St. Cloud street and there was a black car that pulled in front of me and the next thing I know I see a girl  banging on the back window, I wanted to help but after that they pulled off into this old dirt road, and I didn't really think anything was wrong till I heard this."

I turned off the radio and looked up St. Cloud street.

Makenna's POV

I had been beyond confused. Mother? Wth. Ever since he said that this girl has been clinging by me down stairs, but wouldn't talk.

"ELIZABETH GET UP HERE NOW" The sound of the mans voice yelled.

She ran upstairs and the man came down. I got in the corner and pulled my legs in. He stood there looking at me,

"Ya know since you are her mother now that would basically make us together."

I looked away and he got closer sitting on me, the smell of alcohol lingered through my nose. 

He leaned in trying to get a kiss but I spit in his face.

He threw me across the room and began to hit my face. 

Suddenly a banging at the door, And the little girl started screaming.

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