best friends or more

makenna and austin have been best friends forever but when austin becomes popular things start to change


3. should I ?


Austins POV

Somethings up. Makenna walked out of the lunch room crying today. Should I of gone after her? I mean i am her best friend. I was stupid. I should of. I'm not sure what to do at this point. 

Right now im sitting by my window waiting for Makenna to get home. See this is how we communicate sometimes. We write on a note pad and show each other through the windows. About 10 min. later she walked by, i waved to get her attention when she finally looked i showed her my paper-

*Whats Wrong? Is everything okay*

She just looked at me and nodded no.

Makenna's POV

Its about 12 o clock. I'm sitting in the lunch room alone. Because Lauren refuses to let me sit with them. Lately i have been getting these strange text, telling me to stay away from Austin or else... It didn't bother me. I could care less what they said. But suddenly my phone went off.

*Blocked* I told you to stay away. Heres your last warning. *Picture Message Attachment*

With. shit just got real. It was a picture of my dad hitting me. How would they have this?

*Later that night*

I nodded at Austin. What would he do if i told him i thought it was his girlfriend. He climbed out his window and came to mine. I let him in. This wouldn't be good. I began to tell...


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