best friends or more

makenna and austin have been best friends forever but when austin becomes popular things start to change


23. she's back


Makenna's POV

*1 month later*

Well it turns out from that night a fun had gotten pregnant! We were so happy and excited it was unreal. Me and Kayla (My assistant) Had gotten VERY close! Id have to say she is probably my best friend. She booked me so many gigs it was crazy, I even got to meet One Direction in one of them, they were so funny.

Today Austin had to the studio and i actually had a meeting with Justin Biebers Manager about shooting a major shoot! It was for one of his new videos, which was AMAZING.

Kayla had met me there and now we were just waiting. A pretty young guy came and sat with us, apparently it was Justin's manager, he had explained everything he needed, and it turned out I had it all! The shoot was scheduled for next Wednesday, I couldn't believe i was actually gonna meet JB.

Austins POV

I had gotten home to see the house door was cracked, I peeked my head in to see no one was there, I opened up the door all the way to see the place trashed. I quickly grabbed the phone and dialed 911. 

They were there within minutes, and by the time the had gotten there i had seen it all. In BIG letters with red spray paint there was something written on are bedroom wall:


I was standing outside while the police were checking out the place, I had called Makenna at least 100 times, but no response, I was getting very worried. But suddenly the car pulled through the gate, Thank God she was okay.

I had explained everything that happened, and she was freaking out, she was so scared.

It was obvious it was her dad. Who else?

*1 AM*


The sound of something breaking woke us up. I told Makenna to stand behind me and I took the lead with a small gun i had kept upstairs.

We saw glass all over the ground from the window and a rock with a letter taped around it, Makenna read it out loud slowly:

Hey darling. Scared? That was nothing. Be prepared for the worst. See you soon sweetie. xoxo.

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