best friends or more

makenna and austin have been best friends forever but when austin becomes popular things start to change


8. she comes home

Makenna's POV

I was in the hospital for about a week. Austin came up every day after school, we haven't really mentioned are fight yet. Today was the day i came back home i was going to make sure to talk to Austin today to see why he came, and if he was still mad. I was nervous, but got up brushed my teeth/hair and changed clothes. 

I saw the bus pull up and i just waited by the window like usual. 

Austins POV

Schools been pretty rough for the past week. I didn't have Makenna by my side nor did I have Lauren, But today was the day Makenna came home, and i needed to talk to her. I'm not really sure if i should tell her what i said to Lauren. I dont want her to freak out. As the day went by i was going over and over what i would say. On the bus i decided i would tell her. Hopefully she would get freaked, but its for the best. 

*1 Hour later*

I have avoided the window as much as possible because im scared. But i think its time. I took a deep breath and looked. There she was. Her beautiful dark brown hair, and eyes. Shes so.. Perfect. She showed me her note.

*We need to talk*

I nodded and went over, through the window of course. I explained everything that had happened with the phone deal and how i found her. I tool a deep breathe. I was ready to tell her,

"Makenna ive been thinking a lot, im not sure how your gonna take this but ..... I Lo-"

I got interrupted by her dad,


Makenna looked at me, scared and said,

"Austin im sorry, you've got to go, we will talk in a little bit."

And gave me and hand gesture to leave..

Makenna's POV

I felt bad for Austin, but i had to go. I was scared to why he may of needed me, the smell of alcohol filled the room, this couldn't be good. 

"Makenna DO YOU SEE THIS. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS, you know your chores empty this damn dishwasher NOW."

He pushed me to the ground making hit my arm on the corner of the table while falling. It started bleeding but i ignored it and did as told. I rushed back to my room with tears running down my face. I ran near my window where my tissues were to clean my eyes and the blood, little to notice Austin was just looking at me through his window.


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