best friends or more

makenna and austin have been best friends forever but when austin becomes popular things start to change


16. savenger hunt


Austins POV

I couldn't believe what she just told me. Its not that i minded at all, its just, i feel bad, but at the same time, why did she lie to me?

Makenna, why didn't you tell me, thats important! Why did you lie??"

She explained everything, it was actually kinda cute.

"Makenna im sorry. I feel so bad. I should of made last night special, and i was probably to rough with you. Im so sorry." I spoke

"Its okay. I know you would of. Ill be okay, i mean i survived right?" She winked.

I was still kinda upset. But everything would be okay.

****** (Hey guys were gonna magically pretend there out of school now, so about 22, okay? c;) -Lashauna *******

Makenna's POV

Well Austins music career has really taken off, he has  released one album and working on his next. Things had gotten pretty serious with me and Austin we had all moved to Miami, it was hard leaving Alex and everything behind, but we would visit... 

Moma Mahone (As we liked to call her) Lived next door to us. Yes me and Austin had officially gotten are own house, yes i know.. pretty young but its whatever, we were madly in love.

Right now Austin was at the studio and i decided to have a chill day, which was nice. 

*Later that night*

Austins POV

I was on the way home driving my red range rover, yes of course red. All i was doing was thinking about tomorrow, Valentines day. I had something VERY special planned. My mom new about it and helped plan it. 

I was madly in love with Makenna.

I had pulled up and ran into greet Makenna, she was cooking dinner..

How sweet

We both layed down and cuddled in bed, which led to making out, which led to much more fun ;)

Makenna's POV

I woke up that morning excited to see Austin for Valentines day, but when i sat up there was only a note on his pillow that said,

My dear Makenna im SO sorry, i had to take the first flight to ATL because the of a HUGE interview .

Much Love, Austin

I have to say i was pretty upset, but i got a call from Moma Mahone and she said to get dressed in something nice and meet her at Panera.

When i arrived there stood her, a Pink balloon and something in her hand with a note.

Oh my lovely Makenna i had to give you something to do while i was gone, there's a car waiting for you get in it with this pin and the driver will take you to each spot, and each spot you will find a balloon, pop that balloon to reveal the letters. ~Austin (;

Moma Mahone Smiled and left without saying anything.

I popped the first balloon to revel the letters~

W And M.

What was he up too.. I got in the car.

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