best friends or more

makenna and austin have been best friends forever but when austin becomes popular things start to change


9. out with Austin

Austins POV

I went back home sad i didn't get to tell her, But at the same time scared at what her dad needed. I waited by the window for her to return about 10 min. had past and all i was thinking about was when i would get another chance to tell her or if i even would.

I saw a shadow coming. Was it her? It was, she ran to the window crying but blood was dripping down her arm she didn't even realize i was there, But then she looked up. I wanted to cry seeing her like this. 

I jumped out my window and ran to her's.

Makenna's POV

Here he comes. This is so embarrassing. I opened my window. He came in with a sad look. He went back home and got a first aid kit, He fixed up my arm which was nice. It was silent but he had finally spoke,

"Let me take you out tomorrow. Its Saturday. I know you dont have anything planned."

He winked.

"You know me so well. When and what are we going to do?"

"Just be ready at 1. Goodnight." He kissed my cheek and left.

*Next Day*

I was actually pretty excited. I got dressed in a floral short dress and walked outside. There he was looking good as ever.

"Well dont you look beautiful." He spoke.

I giggled. His mom let him borrow the car so we got in and drove up to are favorite restaurant "Whataburger". We talked for about an hour then left to go to the mall, he bought me a beautiful necklace and we walked around for a while, by the time we were done i had figured we were going home, but we passed are houses. 

"Austin where are we going now?" I spoke

He just smirked and kept driving. We pulled next to the side of the woods. i was a little confused. We walked into the woods in silence. After about 2 min. of walking i realized where we were. When me and Austin were little we came out here and built a little tree house and spent hours in it. 

"Are you sure this is safe?" I said laughing

"Of course" He winked

We climbed up and sat down looking at all of are old toys and drawings. It got quiet and i realized Austin was just staring at me. I never realized his eyes were so beautiful. And his lips. Oh his lips. 

Out of know where we leaned in, and kissed.


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