best friends or more

makenna and austin have been best friends forever but when austin becomes popular things start to change


17. m,w,i,y,u,l,r,y,e,m



Makenna's POV

Right now i was at my 3rd stop. I was getting really confused. But it was kinda fun. Pulling up to my fourth spot i see a green balloon, i went and popped it, so far i had the letters..

M, W, I, Y, U, L, R, Y

I tried making words but i couldn't. It was getting pretty later and I had pulled up to one more spot with a red balloon.

But it had a letter attached,

Oh Makenna, Having fun?(; Well you have one more spot, when you get out take all the letters with you, Okay love? -Austin

I popped the balloon, drove to the next place, and got out with the letters. I looked around. 

We had arrived at a lake, i started walking down the long dock that were covered with pedals leading me down, talk about confused.

I arrived at a table with another note,

Heres 2 more letters, figure out what it means, here a hint. It these to letters make up the last word:

E, M

What the hell was going on. I was so confused but layed them all out. After about 15 minutes i had figured something out. It read,

"Will You Marry Me?"

Those 4 words went over and over and over and over in my mind, till...

"Makenna. Will do you Marry me?"

I started tearing up.

"Yes, of course!"

I ran over and he picked me up in his arms, and slid on a beautiful ring.


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