best friends or more

makenna and austin have been best friends forever but when austin becomes popular things start to change


25. makenna's dad


Makenna's POV

I crept downstairs thinking maybe it was Michelle or somebody trying to get in.

All the lights were off so it was hard to see, I walked out to the hallway to look over the banister as quiet as possible. 

When suddenly I saw a shadow, coming closer. He/She was looking for something, It came around the corner to reveal the face. Dad.

As quiet as I could be I snuck away looking for a place to hide, I went down the hallway to one of are guest bedrooms and got under the bed. I sat there for a minute trying to find my phone to turn on silent, As soon as I flipped the switch I got a call from Austin,

 "Babe are you okay? I got a weird note? ...Hello? Makenna? Whats that noise?"

 *End of call*

He heard the noise of dad knocking over something. I couldn't respond because he was getting to close for me to make any noise. But he started talking..

"Oh Makenna, where are you.. I will find you. Don't think of running, im always 2 steps behind you."

What was wrong with him? What ran through his mind?

He began to come to the room. PRAYING he would just turn around, But no. He always found me.

He grabbed my feet and drug me out, he was now on top of me, the smell of Alcohol ran through my nose.

"I told you, you wouldn't be able to get away didn't I?... Gawd you look just like your mother, you almost even act like her. Bitchy, whoreish. Say, what do you look like under those clothes?"

Piece by piece my clothes were thrown off. I scram, I cried but there was no use.

He started touching me, touching me everywhere. When suddenly.

Austins POV

Hearing that conversation scared me, I called Dave and told him to meet me there. 

When we got there we ran through the door, noticing the back door open and some glass, that must of been what I heard on the phone. 

Quietly we snuck upstairs, we followed the sounds of somebody crying. We had walked in seeing everything that was happening, I was almost in tears, The anger made me pick up a vase and smashed it to his head. He layed flat and I went and grabbed a blanket and covered up Makenna. Me and Dave looked at her helpless self, and just made sure she was okay, I held her in my arms not needing to speak, Dave got up to call the police, but noticing.. 

Makenna's dad was gone..

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