best friends or more

makenna and austin have been best friends forever but when austin becomes popular things start to change


15. Im not a virgin


Makenna's POV

I guess you could say im a woman now . Lol. Last night was amazing. Its finally happened with the right person. But im scared Austin may get mad i lied to him about something a while back.


"OMG your finally back! I missed you so much Makenna!! How are your grandparents?"

He spoke.

"There Great!"

"So guess what?!?" Austin said

....."Me and Lauren are dating!" 

For some reason at that moment something broke inside me, it made me say something i shouldnt of. 

I was jealous

"Im not a virgin anymore"

I ran inside, i guess hoping Austin would get sad and break up with Lauren. I dont know.

*End Of Flashback*

I know. I shouldnt of. I was jealous. I dont know why at the time. I guess its better if i told him

Austins eyes fluttered open.. He spoke,

"Good morning Babe. Last night was awesome" He winked while getting off. 

He started getting dressed and said,

"At least last night wasn't your first, or it wouldn't of been so much fun." He winked

I giggled playing along.

We got ready for school and went on happy as ever.

Austins POV

Last night was amazing, but i had this feeling she wasn't telling me something. 

Oh well time for school.

*After School*

It almost seemed like Makenna  was being distant today, i was definitely gonna talk to her at home. 

Makenna's POV

Austin said he wanted to talk so we went to the back porch. 

"So whats been up today, you have been being distant, was it last night, did i push you in doing something you didn't want?" He spoke.

I told him everything. 

He was quiet for a while..


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