best friends or more

makenna and austin have been best friends forever but when austin becomes popular things start to change


11. i didn't pay attention

Austins POV

I just held her. Then she asked if we could leave, i took her back to my place and she layed in bed with me and we talked things out. I told her everything happens for a reason, etc. Her dad has been no where to be found for about a week so my mom told her to stay with us till he came back. My mom let us both stay home from school the next day which was nice. I took care of Makenna, and she was starting to get better. Later that night Makenna had told us she wanted to go to school the next day because it would keep her mind off of things. Which i guess was true. I just felt so bad. I didn't know what to do anymore.

Makenna's POV

I was broken from the inside out. My life was screwed up. I didn't tell Austin but i started cutting my wrists. I dont know why, thats not me. But i did. 

*Next Day*

I started getting ready for school, today calls for a yoga pants day for sure. I guess i looked decent and walked to the living room where Austin was waiting. We got on the bus and talked. 

"Makenna you sure do look beautiful in any thing you wear"

I looked at him and smiled. He wrapped his arm around me and we listened to music. 

*At School*

I was not in the mood today to deal with Lauren she better not fuck with me. When 3rd period came around i had PE with Lauren and Austin which could be good and bad. I changed and went to the gym with everybody. I started talking to Austin and realized Alexis and her "Possy" were staring at me strangely and pointing. The walked over and said,

"Oh so little miss "Makenna" cuts her self now? Or did your daddy do that?"

I looked down to realize i forgot to wear something to cover them. i was so embarrassed. I looked up at Austin to find him yelling at Lauren. I honestly wasn't even listening to what he was saying i ran out of the gym hoping nobody was there until somebody grabbed my hand, it was Austin. He told me how he didn't care what had happened just as long as i stopped, which i would try. I loved that he cared. He leaned in and kissed me and said...


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