best friends or more

makenna and austin have been best friends forever but when austin becomes popular things start to change


7. Hero


Austins POV

I ran to the bus. I had to apologize to Makenna. I had to tell her everything. I goon and waited.. and waited. The bus pulled off and Makenna never got on. I looked out my window to see Makenna walking down some dirt road. I called her name, but no response. I guess she was listening to music. By the time i got home Makenna  still wasn't there. I waited for another 30 min. then left to look for her. It was starting to get dark which wasn't good. I started walking down that dirt path to see if i could find her. After walking for about 30 min. I got to this Alley way to see Makenna's clothes getting ripped off. What the hell has she gotten herself into?

Makenna's POV

I didn't know what to do. These guys were gaining on me. So i figured why not start running? So I did. ... And so did they. 

... They caught up to me and some tall guy maybe mid twenties grabbed me and said,

"Where do you think your going lil missy?"

I didn't speak. What was i suppose to say?

Then another guy with lots of tattoos spoke,

"We could have some fun with this one, take her in here."

I started kicking and screaming. There was no use. They threw me on the ground and the third guy kicked me in my stomach numerous times. I spoke,


The tall guy gave me a long hard look. Then punched my face, leaving me slightly knocked out. My vision blurred. They started tearing my clothes off, when suddenly.. 

"Makenna?? I that you? What they hell are y'all doing to her, im calling 911!"

It was Austin.

Suddenly those guys ran off. 

The ambulance came, Austin and i barley talked. He just held me. Which was nice.

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