best friends or more

makenna and austin have been best friends forever but when austin becomes popular things start to change


14. good girl Makenna


Makenna's POV

I stood there quiet. I didn't no what to do, i couldn't make things obvious. I put if down and walked out of the room telling Austin to come on, i wanted to talk to him and tell him i was going to "Visit my mom" But really, i wasn't.

Alex's POV

The little love birds walked out leaving me alone. I heard a phone going off, i assumed it was mine so i reached on the table trying to find the vibrating phone. Realizing i accidentally grabbed Makenna's revealing that message. I didn't know if i should tell Austin. It was scarey but i was definitely no letting Makenna get hurt, she was one of my best friends..

*A couple hours later*

Makenna said she was going to visit her mother. But i didn't believe it. I was gonna go follow her to the alley.

Makenna's POV

It was time. I gave Austin a kiss goodbye and left. I walked to the alley. I stood there for about 10 min. until i got another text..


Good girl Makenna. Now Turn Around ;)

My heart was racing. And i turned only to reveal i guy dressed i all black.

He threw my on the ground, and began to speak,

"Its good to see you still listen. Now you've probably been wondering who ran your mother over on "Accident" well it sure was an accident. Now its your turn to be an "accident"."

He revealed his face. 

My dad. My own dad killed my mother.

But right as he was about to hit a brick to my head somebody hit him with a crow bar. 

Alex. Alex came to save me.

Police had came and taken him away. 

But there pulled up Austin. I was scared.

Austins POV

Right now im on the way to the meet up with Makenna. I'm so confused, and scared. I was wondering what the hell went on. Why wouldn't she tell me she was in trouble? A couple minutes later we pulled up. She was standing there holding her side. 

I got there and she explained everything.

"Babe why didn't you just tell me." 

"Austin he would of killed you i couldn't take that chance." She spoke, and i held her

... Alex walked up.

"Why the HELL did you not tell me what was going on Alex??." I yelled.

"Dude it wasn't like that.. i couldn't handle you getting hurt." He said.

"Well thanks.."  We bro hugged.

We got home and Makenna was still holding he side. She must of hurt it when she said he pushed her down. I layed her down in my bed and rubbed her side, she rolled over and kissed me, i licked her bottom lip asking for an entrance, she accepted, lets just say both of are shirts ended up on the ground. Tonight was all about love. (;

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