best friends or more

makenna and austin have been best friends forever but when austin becomes popular things start to change


13. dad?


Austins POV

We just stood there. Confused. After almost 5 months he just showed up out of no where. What were we suppose to do? But I Spoke,

"What the hell are you doing here? Just abandoning your daughter after her own mother died and showing up 5 months later?!" I said screaming. He just looked at me then spoke,

"Its her fault, her fault this happened. She WILL get revenge." He walked closer to Makenna. I pushed her behind me. "Better watch your back sweetie." He winked. 

Makenna's POV I had no words. No tears. No anything. I honestly couldn't even care, i just loved watching Austin protect me. 

We cleaned up and went back home, me and Austin cuddled up in his bed, we watched The Notebook and fell asleep, usually his mom wouldn't allow this, but do to the circumstances she didn't mind.

*The Next Morning*

 Today was Sunday. I had woken up, first as usual and decided to get in the shower and get dressed. I got in to a steaming hot shower, and did what i usually did in the shower XD. I turned off the shower and realized i had forgotten to get the towel from under the sink, i walked to get it...

"Austin and Alex will you too go in the bathroom and get me a fresh towel!" Austins mom yelled.

Before i could make it back in the shower...

Austin and Alex walked in.. To see me completely naked.

Austins POV

 My mouth dropped, so did Alex's. She looked so embarrassed. I felt so stupid!

"SORRY!" i yelled. And me and Alex ran off.

"Whoops. That was awkward... at least she has a nice body." He winked

"ALEX THAT'S MY GIRLFRIEND YOUR TALKING ABOUT." I laughed and layed on the bed.

Makenna ran in

"Omg, guys im sorry, I should of locked the doo-"

"Trust me ITS OKAY." Alex laughed

I hit him and she came and layed with me.

Next thing we new Makenna's phone started going off, she went and read it and got all serious, i was curious.

Makenna's POV

I read the message:


Makenna at 9 pm come to the Alley way by the bar, we have some unfinished business.

Tell anybody and your little boyfriend will be laying next to your mother.

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