best friends or more

makenna and austin have been best friends forever but when austin becomes popular things start to change


22. best night


Makenna's POV

It had been about 2 weeks and still nothing. We had tried so many times, at least it was making Austin happy. XD. With all this going on I was on a job hunt. I had always wanted to be a fashion photographer so I had bought all my equipment and began to look for an open job and an assistant. 

About a hour later I got an email from a lady looking for an assistant job, we had scheduled to meet at Starbucks at 1pm, So i kissed Austin goodbye and ran out the door.

I got there and I began look around when I heard,

Makenna, are you Makenna?" A lady that looked about my age with blonde straight hair and baby blue eyes asked.

"Yes, who are you" I questioned.

"I'm Kayla.. Here for the assistant job."

We took a seat and she began to tell me everything. About and hour later we both knew absolutely everything about each other, which was great! I had never really had a girl friend. I had told her she had gotten the job, so she went home and began looking for a place for us to shoot at.

Austins POV

I had a special night planned for Makenna. We were going to a 5 star restaurant and then to the club to dance are problems out. She got home and it took her about a hour to get ready, of course. She came out in short black dress looking HOT. We had a fantastic meal, and then we were off to the club.

*Many shots later*

"Austin what if we was a fairy?" Makenna questioned, She was so trashed it wasn't even funny.

"Well then I would be a fairy." I winked.

I carried her in my arms to the bedroom and layed her down. 

Are shirts were on the ground, and we were under the sheets.

I have to say, that was the best night we have had, yet.

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