best friends or more

makenna and austin have been best friends forever but when austin becomes popular things start to change


12. Austin's surpise party


Austins POV

"Will you go out with me?" Austin spoke gently

She just looked at me. I was nervous for the response.

"Of Course Austin!" She finally said.

I was thrilled, more than thrilled, i cant believe were now "Official" my heart was racing

I pushed her up against the wall and kissed her, it started getting more intense till-


We turned to see The crew just staring at us.

"Were official" Makenna said

"Congrats Bro! I knew one day this would happen." Alex Spoke.

Makenna's POV

Are you kidding me right now, i was so happy. Me and Austin were meant for each other. This felt great

*2 Month's Later*

"Rise and shine beautiful" Austin said, and leaned in for a kiss..

"Hell no morning breathe!" I said.

He laughed. Yes i was still staying there i tried to convince them to let me go home, but they didn't want me there alone, so i just stayed. It was Friday and we had the day off due to A "Teacher work day" So while Austin went with the crew me and Ms. Mahone stayed home planning Austins BIG surprise party. We booked it at this really nice venue. Everybody from the school would be there.. EVERYBODY. Some people from out of state were even coming, it was going to be a big surprise. It was now about 5 o clock and all the food was here, people were arriving and the decorations looked flawless. Now the only thing we needed was the birthday boy. Of course we hid when we saw the lights coming, lights off, music down. Right as he turned the nob..

Austins POV

The guys weren't telling me where we were going so i just went with it, when we pulled up to this place i walked in first and,

"SURPRISE" Is all i heard coming from each direction

*2 hours later*

Tonight was amazing especially with Makenna! But i couldn't seem to find her, she said she was gonna walk out side, but never returned.. 

I went to go check on her, as soon i walked outside i saw some guy with a mask on choking her. I ran up and pulled him off..

Makenna's POV

I walked outside to see what all the notice was, there was some man just standing in the middle of the yard, i walked up to see if he was okay, he threw me on the ground and started choking me saying,


Saying that reapidily.

Thankfully Austin came and threw him off. We stood up and the man looked at us taking his mask off..

I gasped and so did Austin.


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