best friends or more

makenna and austin have been best friends forever but when austin becomes popular things start to change




Makenna's POV

It was now morning time. Last night went great, we hung around with the guys and went for a late night dip, I have to say those boys are pretty hilarious!  

Today we had planned to go putt putting, and tour around the island, we all jumped into a big van and left.

*Lunch Time*


"What ever you say." I winked.

Right now we were ordering lunch, Nial was pretty much ordering the whole menu, and me and Austin just shared a fish basket.

"So whens the big wedding?" Zayn asked.

"Were all invited right?" Liam questioned.

"We I bet we are but Nial will probably eat everybody." Louis snarled.

"Of course yall are ALL invited!" Austin spoke.

I giggled and we finished are lunch.

*Around 6 O'clock*

Well we had just gotten back from touring the island, I have to so it was a great day.

We all made are way back to the top of the hotel (Are Pin Houses) and said are goodbyes and went into are rooms.

When me and Austin had finally settled down we through are self's onto the couch till I realized I left my phone in the car.

"Do you want me to go get it for you babe? Austin asked.

"Nah, its fine I'll be right back." I said, and walked out.

I was walking down the stoned path breathing in the smell of the ocean and watching the birds fly, when suddenly,

"Well hey there little missy, where you off to sugar" Some guy spoke. He looked mid 30's, small beard, cigarette in his mouth, and the smell of alcohol.

I ignored and kept walking, He ran and jumped in front of me,

"Cant speak? Well I like me some quiet ones, maybe you should come off with me."

I pushed him out of the way and tried to start walking faster but he yanked my hair back and pushed his cigarette in to my arm.

"AUSTIN, AUSTIN HELP HELP." I screamed, but nothing.

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