The New Me

"GET BACK HERE" he yelled 'I need to get out of here, I need to run, I have to make, a new-oof!' Someone inturpted my thoughts "oh my gosh im so sorry love".. READ TO FIND OUT MORE


1. who is he?

I did it, I escaped from that pit of depression, now were to go? I a need to go somewere and make a new -ooof! "ow what the he-" "OH MY GOODNESS I AM SOO SORRY! I didnt see you there love" "no. No its ok" I was lying on the sidewalk in the winter, its freakin cold out, I got up quickly and looked at who I bumped into.... "hi love, I'm

A/N Hello, hi, suup? If u read this thx, I just wanna see if people liked this first chapter, if u did comment, and if I get enough, i'll write more :D
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