truth or dare?

My name? Niall just a ordinary guy, that his life changed in a simple game of 'truth or dare'
theres a really old castle right next to a super scary haunted church.
-"truth or dare?"
-"stay 5 nights at that castle!, try to survive bro!"

I know it sounds quite crepy but trust me it is like a love story :-)


16. more complicated than I thought...

Jayde's POV:

    Should I tell Niall now? Or not? I was getting so nervous by him I really wanted to tell him how I felt I love him so much and all I want is to tell him how I feel and him to tell me how he feels about me... After a war going on inside my head I decided to tell him in the morning maybe it would be easier and it will be easier to pick the right words?
" gona tell me or not?" Niall winked at me with red as a clowns nose cheek.
"tomorrow babe" I smiled
"aww, fine!" he blushed a bit more, after I noticed myself blush a bit...well a bit more than only a bit more, Niall just smiled at me "I love you" Niall said in a weak and soft but a bit deep voice with a irish accent in it, you could barely hear it but I somehow did.

"go to sleep my baby!" Niall teased me after "Maybe I will?" I fast replied "aw my baby is tired" he said softly and kissed my forehead while I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

I opend my eyes and noticed im in a room all by my self, it was dark so everything seemed black I was sitting in a chair then someone turned the light on but couldnt see who? The room was small and I was tied up to a wooden chair, there was compleatly nothing in that roon exept that chair I was sitting on and a small lamp, the walls were green the floor was white with one or two red marks that looked like blood, I wonder where I am? I drifted off and in a while I woked up again and saw a pearson I was sure I know who HE was I tried to look closely at him and noticed it was ZAYN! why was Zayn here? What did he want from me? Then ge began to speak in a deep, evil, angry, hurtful voice "so do you like it here? My baby?" he winked trying to be cheeky. "What the fuck so you want from me?" I shouted at him "Oh and don't you fucking dare call me 'baby'!"
He comed in closer to me and ran his hot hand up and down my cheek I turned my head away from him knowing I don't have any control. "Oh baby I will do whatever I want!" he shouted in my face "No you won't" my voice become weaker he just kneeled down his hand still running down my face until it stopped he took his hand away and then in a matter of secounds it camed fast running towards me, I closed my eyes waiting for it to end then I felt a sting on my cheek "owch" my voice become hurt and really weak "see theres no-one to help you now is there?" he laughed while I shook my head "no! Niall will come here any minute!" I barely whispered from the pain. "welll, guess what? He wont come here! He's gone he moved on, he found someone better than you, you worthless shit!" he spat in my face while he stood up and laughed deeply, sarcastically, proudly "Night my BABY!" he calmed down and blowed me a kiss, I thought I gona throw up there, just the thought of him mafe me feel sick! Then I heard him laugh again while everything went black until I coulnt see anything anymore.

Then in a couple of minutes I woked up again I looked around me and realised that I am in a bed now, while Niall was sleeping beside my I closed my eyes for a bit and sat up then opend my eyes and the teers went steaming down my face knowing it was just a dream, hope it will never take place, what would Zayn actuarly want from me?

After Niall woked up and saw me crying my eyes out (not lituarly) "babe are you okay?" he asked in a sweet, a bit deep and soft voice with a irish accent "im fine" I tried to fake simile while the tears were going faster and then there become more of them "aw baby come here" he opend his arms for me to hug him "thanks" I told hin while I moved more towards him. "what happeded baby?" he asked me then I told him the whole story of what has happened and yeah he did look quite angry whilebi got to the part that zayn tied me up to a chair and hit me. "don't worry baby everythings fine it was just a dream" his hands were going up and down my back while I still had the words in my head that Zayn in my dream has told me ' He wont come here! He's gone he moved on, he found someone better than you, you worthless shit!' and 'you worthless shit!' was he right? Even though it was just a dream, could Niall be laying? No he can't I know he isn't like that why did I even think that? After I drifted off to sleep again while Niall was still running his hands up and down my back.


sorry that i didn't update for so long!:'( but really i will finish whole of this storry!!! :D i got another two chapters done already but won't be updating them today;) love you all!!!<3


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