truth or dare?

My name? Niall just a ordinary guy, that his life changed in a simple game of 'truth or dare'
theres a really old castle right next to a super scary haunted church.
-"truth or dare?"
-"stay 5 nights at that castle!, try to survive bro!"

I know it sounds quite crepy but trust me it is like a love story :-)


12. meting the one

Niall's POV:
After I woked up Jayde was still sleeping so I went downstairs and got some eggs and backon and made it for her. After I made tea for her with it too. I walked up the stairs with it up to my room and placed it onto the table by my bed, I realised that she was still sleeping so I kissed her forehear and smiled "morning beautiful!" she looked up at me and asked "what time is it?"
"10am!" I smiled "i got some food for you", I placed the food slowly on on the quilt.
She smiled "thank you Niall!"

"Jayde I asked my cousin to get you something from the shop and she got you this I just didn't go because I probibaly would panic!" I smiled at her while placing her clothes on the edge of the bed
"thank you!" she smiled
"its okay!" I run up to her and kissed her on her cheek "i'll wait for you down stairs to go to my friends because we would be running late! I told him already that i'll be with my 'friend' " I smilrd and winked at her while I went down the stairs.

Jayde's POV:
After I eat my food I took the clothes to change it was a white top with white,black and gold lepard leggins *it looks nice I got it my self ;] * it looked so nice exept the thing was that the top was a bit see through....well thank you to Niall's cousin!Ha!

Next I went down stairs to Niall, as his mouth dropped "what's wrong?" I asked

Niall's POV:
Wow she looked so amazing! Her hair was in a messy bun, she had no make up, and she was in the clothes that my cousin bought her she was! No words can describe how beautiful she looked and my mouth even dropped!
"What's wrong?" she asked me confused
"N-N-Nothing!!!" I shouted while putted my hands in the air. She smiled.
"Okay we need to get ready to my friends! You will meet them after!" I smiled after we went to louis' house.

Jayde's POV:
After we went to Niall's Friend's House, Then I realised that I recognised that street, it looked similour and well known! Next I realised that it was Louis' street! "Oh My God!" I whispered to my self, I placed my hand on my mouth and my eyes felt watery but wasn't crying just YET!...

"we are here!" Niall smiled while pointing to louis' door. I realised I let my self a few tears! Well come on im standing by my brothes house door that I didn't see for about five fucking years! I wonder if he remembers me! I placed my head on the door slowly.
"whats wrong?" Niall asked me
"I cant come in this house!" I told him.
"of corse you can!" he said smiling.
"No you don't get it!"
"what don't I get?"
"okay fine!" I whispered "my brother..."
"whats wrong with him?"
I placed my hand on my head and "my brother lives in here!" I began to cry.
"so your louis' sister?"
"yeah why?" I cried
"well remember the time I had to call my friend? That had a break down?"
Um yeah?"
"well the truth is it was louis because he was missing his 'sister' that of corse is you..."
"so he remembers me?" I began to smile
"yeah and misses you a lot he cries once in a while..."
"thanks for telling me that" I smiled!

*knock knock!* Niall knocked the door while I heard a familiour voice of corse it was LOUIS!
"hide behind me I got a idea!" Niall told me. I got behind Niall.
"hey dude!" niall shouted happily to louis.
"hey" he said saddly I can't stand seeing him like that but I will stick to niall's plan what ever it is?
"well I went to santa claus yeah?" Niall laughed
"what santa isn't real and its not even winter! What are you on about Niall?" Louis got confused.
"well guess who I got?" niall laughed
"wish it could be my sister...but yeah what?" louis said.
"OH MY GOD u won the lottery!" Niall shouted
"what are you on about Niall?"
"the one and only im on about..."
"whos the one and only?"
"your sister..."
"Niall!" louis shouted stop making it a joke!"
"but im not joking im beeing serious...." niall smiled "isn't your sisters name Jayde by any chance?" Niall smiled
"how the fuck do you know that?"
"a birdy called Jayde told me..."
After Niall poked me for me to jump out. I was all in tears. So was louis.
"Louis!" I shouted, while he said nothing just comed up to me and hugged me really tight. It made me smile really baddly!

After we went into louis' house he didnt say anything since he hugged me. "whats wrong louis?" I asked
"w-w-what happened to you? Where were you?"
"its a long and unbelievable story" I said calmly
"oh okay..." "did he do anythibg to you?" louis whispered
"Louis! How can you think that?!" I almost shouted "no he did nothing!" I calmed down
"look im sorry! I wasnt trying to say anything bad..."
"its okay I know..." I said while he hugged me.

"so how do you know eatch other?" Louis quistioned with a smile on his face.
"long story not enough time for it!" I smiled
"OH MY GOSH! Louis you jusy compleatly won the lottery! Smiled the first time since about a month!" Niall stood up and started to clap. I couldnt stop my self but to laugh! So did louis. "happy ever after!" Niall shouted with his hands in the air. I just kept on laughing.

After five minuts. "Louis...? If sometging im at niall's you know I don't want anything to happen again with my dad!" I told louis and his eyes gone bigger.
"yeah I understand that...but if you want you can always stay here?" louis smiled
"okay' I nodded slowly and smiled.

"okay the boys will come here in a bit!"

Niall's POV:
OMG im so happy! Now I know that I may, I could be with Jayde? But its a bit weird as louis is her brother!

"okay the boys will come here in a bit!" louis told us (me and Jayde)
"okay!" I said after I realised that my phone is vibrating, it's harry calling me again.I picked up the phone and...
"hey are you up louis' yet?" harry asked
"yup!" I told him
"is louis still crying?"
"hows that?" he began to be happy
"well he has a girlfriend..."
"yup, wanna talk to her?"
I winked at louis and Jayde and whispered to Jayde "well your Louis' Girlfriend for five min...." I told Jayde and she started lughing after she picked up the phone.

Jayde's POV:
Niall passed me the phone and I started to calm down.
"hello?" I said
"hey is it louis' gf?"
"yup thats me!" I giggled a bit.
"well treat him right or i'll find you!"
"am I ment to ge scared?" I asked
"okay..." I passed the phone back to niall.

Niall's POV:
"what did you tell her?" I laughed
"oh nothing much!" said harry.
"well I have to go i'll tell all the lads that louis finally has a gf!"
And then he hung up!
"what on earth Niall?!" they both asked me
"look sorry but I thought that it would be funny! And well I got a idea just dump your brother when they will be here!" I smiled
No way! Why can't I dump her!?" Louis asked
"because it will be more funny!" I smiled
Later I heard a knock on the door and I winked to Jayde and Louis.

Harry's POV:
The door got opened and there I saw louis smiling. We all (me and the boys) comed in louis' house.
"so is that your girlfriend?" liam asked.
Louis turned around to see niall and niall noded. "yup shes mine!" louis smiled.
Then zayn has stopped in the hallway, stopping all the boys behind him "wow shes hot!" zayn nearly shouted that made the girl laugh and niall. But I could see a bit of anger in Louis' eyes. After liam that was behind zayn started pushing him. After while we all were in the room.

That girl was sitting in the middle of louis and niall she stood up and said "louis!" louis looked up at her "sorry but it's over!"
"what b-b-but why?" louis asked. The anger grew inside of me while knowing that louis would be crying over the nights again. "sorry but I found someone better than you!" she nearly spat in his face " who is it?" he stood up and shouted "i-i-it's NIALL!" niall stood up and kisses her cheek "I love you babe!" niall said! Next louis run to the middle of the stairs. Zayn and Liam were just looking at Niall in a not-cool look. I went up to Louis and then he camed up to that girl and said "im so sorry will you take me back?"
And she said "of corse I will BROTHER!" and both of their faces went smiling like mad.

Me and the boys didnt know what was going on? We all were confused exept niall and louis.
"okay someone tell me what is going on?!" I nearly shouted
"well this is my 'lost' sister that I was crying for nearly over five years!" louis smiled
"WHAT?" me and all the other boys were really confused
"thats his sister!" Niall shouted.
"okay okay I heard it at the first time" I laughed. Really when I saw her 'dumping' louis I thought I gona do something to her! But happily shes the sister of louis and finally he wont cry anyome! YES!

-Couple of hours later-

Jayde's POV:
"okay we'll better be going now!" niall smiled "bye guys!"
"Bye Niall Bye Jayde!" Louis smiled and runned up to me. Next hugged me. Then me and Niall were at the door already. I smiled and "Bye guys! Nice meeting you all! Bye bro!" I waved while walking out the door.


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