truth or dare?

My name? Niall just a ordinary guy, that his life changed in a simple game of 'truth or dare'
theres a really old castle right next to a super scary haunted church.
-"truth or dare?"
-"stay 5 nights at that castle!, try to survive bro!"

I know it sounds quite crepy but trust me it is like a love story :-)


18. I love her...

Jayde's POV:

In a bit Louis comed over to us, I noticed him stare at me while Niall was holding me. I swear if looks could actuarly kill then Louis would kill me! The boys went to make the tents, I had no idea how to so Zayn stayed with me.

"hey" I smiled at Zayn.
"hi!" he smiled back "so... Can I ask you something?"
"sure!" I smiled, what did he want to ask me?

Zayn's POV:
So the other boys went to do the tents perfect! I can talk to Jayde! I just really want to know if Jayde is seeing (with) Niall? Really the truth is that I ... I ... I actuarly like her...

"Hey!" she smiled at me.
"Hi!" I smiled back "so... Can I ask you something?"
"sure!" I could see her smile, amd confusion in her eyes.
"well just wondering but are you seeing Niall?" I asked, I just had to have this clear! I know I could never have her but thats life... Not always everythings so perfect.

"i think I am? Yeah, why?" she told and asked me. I know she then could see the hurt in my eyes but I can't just hide it like that! I love her! Even though I didn't get to talk to her that much. "oh...umm...might tell you later" I fake smiled but it didn't work. "aw whats wrong?" she asked me. "it's just that...well...don't worry..." I told her. "oh come on you can tell me!" she smiled and hugged me, I took a deep breath and started talking "well I ... Why is everything so complicated?! Okay the thing is..." while she noded for me to continue "okay well I...I... I like you... I know you don't but yeah, anyway don't mind me. I know you have a lot on your mind so just ignore it" I fake smiled and closed my eyes. After that I could feel something on my cheek like a pair of lips which did not help! I opend my eyes and looked at her "im sorry, I like you but im with Niall" she told me. That means that if she wasn't seeing him she would give me a chance? Now I just have to try for her to like me, wait no! I can't I don't want to ruin her relationship!



So I decided to update again so sorry i didnt for so long :( had so much to do:( will try to udate more :) btw OMG thank you so much everyone got 500 reads :')

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