truth or dare?

My name? Niall just a ordinary guy, that his life changed in a simple game of 'truth or dare'
theres a really old castle right next to a super scary haunted church.
-"truth or dare?"
-"stay 5 nights at that castle!, try to survive bro!"

I know it sounds quite crepy but trust me it is like a love story :-)


15. Fucked up love


Jayde's POV:
I woked up, Niall was sleeping so peacefuly! So i just kissed him on his forehead. "See you, love you" i whispered to sleeping Niall. After I heded downstairs. I took a pice of paper and pen I was thinking a long time until I thought of something. After I wroat it I took a deep breath, "so this is the first time im going on my own" I whispered to my self quietly and left the house.

Niall's POV: 
I woked up and Jayde was already gone! I stood up from bed and got changed. After I realised she wasn't in that room anymore! I sprinted downstairs, down the hall,down the stairs and down the hall again but she wasn't there! After I was walking nervously around the house to see if she's there but NO not even a ghost! I tried to look everywhere in the house, after I realised she has to have her phone! I walked to the kitchen to get some food.

On the way to the fridge I realised that there was a note it read:
"Niall don't worry about me, i'm only going to see louis! i'll be back in a bit, love you" 
Shit! Stupid me I shoud have told her! Oh my god! Last time when louis phoned me he said that his parents are back from holliday! Which means that aswell their mother is back! So she might make Jayde to go back to her dads! Don't even want to think what he might do?! As she dosen't want to go there! Wait! She has a phone! So I just gona call her!

Jayde's POV: 
I was so close to the door, just about to ring the doorbell then i realised that my phone is ringing, i opend my phone and realised it was niall that was calling so i rejected it "i'll tell him later why im here" I thought to myself. After I finally rang the doorbell, it made a weird noise then I heard footsteps comming closer towards me. Next someone shouted something but WAIT! wasn't Louis' voice! I knew I heard that voice somwhere but ages ago! After I ran away from the door realising who might have been inside and just ran and ran till I was about 50meters away from the door I stopped to take a breath and to calm down a bit.

Then I texted Niall to avoid an argument.
-Jayde- to -Niall<3-
Hey, im comming back home now, hope that you read my note  don't worry i'm fine  love you!<3

And in a secound of time I heard my phone and the led light flashed a bright blue.

-Niall<3- to -Jayde-
Yup I did, love you too<3

"what a big reply!" I thought to my self sarcastically and then slid my phone into my pocket.

Niall's POV:
Oh My God! She didn't go there at the end! Im so happy she didn't! It feels like a heavy metal has been put off my cheast and my heart went back into a normal sized one!

Then I noticed my phone flash a bright yellow led then checked who texted me and noticed it was Louis oh god hope they are good news! I slowly opend the message and read it.:

-Louis!- to -Niall-
Fuck! Bro come with me camping? Get the other lads too I just seriously need to get the fuck out from my life for a bit!

-Niall- to -Louis!- 
What happened then? And yeah sure but...I don't want to leave Jayde here on her own because shes like new to all of this: places and all that.

-Louis!- to -Niall-
Oh my stupid mother! Fucking hate her!!!! Ugh! And sure take Jayde too it will be fun 

-Niall- to -Louis!-
Oh it will!;)

And with that reply I slid my phone in my pocked I realised that it was vibrating , that louis texted back but I just wanted to avoid talking about Jayde and any arguments about her. Yes I know he is her brother and yes I know that I love her but no I won't tell him (louis) that I love his sister that would be a bit weird and he might say that I cant see her anymore, yeah I know how protective can louis get.

After I noticed Jayde getbback into the house "hey love how was it?" I asked with a smile.
"It was allright!" she fake smiled.
"aw whats wrong?" my smile faded, I exacly knew when she was lying. 
"Dont really want to talk about it" she nervously ran her fingers through her hair so I camed up to her and hugged her tightly "its fine baby" 
"thanks" she giggled a bit while I ran my hand up and down her back and she buried her head in my cheast really, I would love to stay like this forever!

"Baby?" I asked.
"mhmm?" she answerd
"well louis is going camping with me and the other boys if you want to go? But if not I can just stay with you?" I talked a bit to much. She looked up me with her blue as ocean sea eyes and her long curly like the moon(it was nearly white but not quite) hair moved while she moved her head "sure I would love to!" she talked while looking straight into my eyes I couldn't help it but move my head towards her head, my lips towards hers so I just moved and she moved her head in a bit too. Then our lips meet and could feel sparkled just like in movies or when everything goes in slow motion and it feels like forever thats how I felt then, then I moved my tounge a bit in and she bit my lower lip gently and pulled away "tease!" I whispered and winked at her which made her laugh a bit, I just wish I could ask her out to be mine! But it's not that easy!

"so...when are we going?" Jayde asked me about the camping thing. 
"don't know? But will ask louis now!" I relpied with a smile on my lips, yeah I was smiling like mad right now or like a ten-year-old that it was just his first kiss. I opend my phone to see a message of louis

-Louis!- to -Niall-
What do you mean?:O

Then I quickly texted back as well as my question.

-Niall- to -Louis!-
Oh don't worry mate! Oh by the way when are we going?

-Louis!- to -Niall- 
In the morning, start getting ready! 

"in the morning louis said" I told Jyde and grabbed her wrist gently then we both walked up stairs "why are we going up then?" she asked while she giggled a bit 
"to pack!...adventure-" jayde cut me off
"time!" she scremed, making both of us burst into laughter after we were already upstairs then I relised that her fingers were between mine. I moved my hand quickly after realising and she blushed a bit. "Let's pack!" I shouted in the air and kissed her forhead. After we packed we've packed both of mine and jayde's stuff, well she had so many things by now because of the gigant shopping my cousin did just before she left. Jayde had so many things such as the black thing that you put on your eyelashes is called maskara or something like that? And the colourfull thing you put on your lips or the creme like powder you put on your face and more, but I just simply had some clothes and the cammping things, probabibly Louis and harry will take WKD (blue) is always the best! Or some frosters beer we all liked that or some brown like whiskey or white vodka or big 5l cyder yeah we've tasted a lot and now we know what to buy!

After we realised it was 8pm already so we decided to watch a movie, we put a random movie on this time we decided on scary movie 5 its more of a mega pervert comedy with some 'ment to be scary' parts that just turn out to be super funny!

Half way through the movie.
"Niall?" said Jayde's weak worried voice.
"whats wrong?" I asked
"Nothing...I mean I...I just have to tell you something?..." 
"what is it?" I said worried
" I don't know how to tell you though?" she smiled then I knew it was something good.
"tell me in the morning baby!" I loudly whispered with a smile, while I rolled on my side so did Jayde my hands were resting under the covers so was jayde's then I noticed another hand resting on mine so I looked down at my hand for a bit well obviously it was jayde's hand then I looked at Jayde and noticed that she was already looking at me then she moved her head away and I slowly and gently took my other hand and moved her head to look at me while I smiled with confusion in my eyes "will tell you tomorrow like you said!" she winked at me and our eyes meet once again while I blushed a bit "but what if I will die till tomorrow?" I asked playfully "then tuff luck!" she winked.
"aw come on" I smiled a bit more while she placed her lips on my boiling cheek from blushing. Then I bit my lip a bit and made her giggle a bit.

Jayde's POV:
Should I tell Niall now? Or not? I was getting so nervous by him I really wanted to tell him how I felt I love him so much and all I want is to tell him how I feel and him to tell me how he feels about me... After a war going on inside my head I decided to...



OMG! so so so sorry that i didnt update for so long but had all my exams now and had most of my results back!:D haha got 69% on my geography :P dont worry guys will try to update every day (i'll try) :D 

-Sandra <3

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