truth or dare?

My name? Niall just a ordinary guy, that his life changed in a simple game of 'truth or dare'
theres a really old castle right next to a super scary haunted church.
-"truth or dare?"
-"stay 5 nights at that castle!, try to survive bro!"

I know it sounds quite crepy but trust me it is like a love story :-)


8. fourth day- just a (nearly) normal day...



Jaydes POV:

"by the way yesturday when I was sleeping?" Niall asked

"yeah?" I answered

"well I felt something on my face"

fuck no no no no!he cant realise! "so?" I said it quite slowly and quietly

"well do you know what happened?" he asked

"NO! I mean not realy..." I lied


"yeah sure!" I lied again


"soooo... what will you do today?" I asked with a huge smile even though you couldnt see my smile.


Niall's POV:

"soooo... what will you do today?" she asked really happily, I could just imagine her smile!

"umm"I started to think "well dont really have any plans" I told her "what about you?"I asked.

"nope...null...n-o-t-h-i-n-g" she couldnt think of anything "HEY! isnt that really gigant fat guy going to come here today?" she asked me

"The bold one?" I questioned 

"yeah! thats the one!" 

"umm nah he's comming tomorrow!" I said it with a smile as he wont annoy me today at least! "I think I will go for a Jog? didnt go on one in a while and tomorrow im ment to save you!" I winked at the air, well it was ment to be at her!

firstly she laughed "sure go and run for your life!" 

then I started to laugh.

Jayde's POV:

firstly I laughed "sure go and run for your life!" 

then he started to laugh OH MY! his laugh was so cute. In a bit after that he took his top off! OH MY GOODNESS! I could perfectly see his muscles and his stomach and yup he was perfectly FIT! "so why are you taking your top off again?" I asked like he told me it already.

"hmm" he started off "because I will get too hot silly!"He laughed.

"well you already are" I sayed it a bit louder than a whisper so he could her me accidentaly fuck fuck FUCK! he wasnt ment to hear it! 

"nah im more of a bit cold..." he said it without knowing what I was on about "WAIT!" he realised "I know what you did there" he looked at me with a cheesy smile .

"SHHHH" I made a 'shhh' noise after I could't help my self but laugh. After I started laughing he did too!.

After that "Okay i'll start FINALLY running...CHEERIO!" he waved.

"CHAUU" I replied.

---later that day---

Niall's POV:

"Night babes!" I shouted happily while knowing that I might see her normally! OR...Will die and be stuck like her?Hopefully the first one sounds way better!

"hehe" she giggled "night! BABES!" she winked at while saying 'babes' 

After I smiled and tried to go to sleep, Next I realised something on my cheek! it felt the same as last night! 



A/N :

Im so so so sorry guys! I couldnt write for that long! :( I will finish this movella I promise *puts hand on her heart* hehe okay Next I am already starting to write the next chapter guys;] I'll try to update it tommorrow then or even maybe today if i will have enough time have fun reading it! ;D please favourite, like, feedback and be a fan!;) haha love you all guys that read my story :D 


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