truth or dare?

My name? Niall just a ordinary guy, that his life changed in a simple game of 'truth or dare'
theres a really old castle right next to a super scary haunted church.
-"truth or dare?"
-"stay 5 nights at that castle!, try to survive bro!"

I know it sounds quite crepy but trust me it is like a love story :-)


11. feeling alive!

Niall's POV:
I still was crying, tears rolling down my face, my cheeks and neck all were wet, I can't belive I just lost the pearson I loved!

After I realised someones hands on my back! It probibaly was that man again! He ruined me! Lituarly I was broked now! "leave me alone! Man just go away you ruined me!" I cried!
"hehe" that voice laughed.
"who is it?" I cried I knew well it was a girls voice! But I didnt want to look up I didnt want anyone to see me like this! I just wish Jayde was here with me now!
"look and see" she laughed
"fine" I cried
My eyes gone bigger! That was the girl I saw standing on her own in my dream! Well you can call it a dream I guess? She took her hand out and said"hey im Jayde well you may know that already!" she joked, I took her hand and in a cpuple of secounds I hugged her! "I thought i've lost you?" I still kept on hugging her
"me too!" she smiled.
Now I knew how beautiful she is! She had long blonde hair, with hazel eyes.
"I dont want to let you go anymore!" I cried from happiness now.
"but you will have to! I really want to get out from this stupid castle forever now!" she smiled
"oh my god me too!" I told her, after we walked out from the castle, it was all dark as it was12:00 in the morning! We went to the big green door i entered a couple of days ago. Next we were just standing by the door, i looked up at that man and shouted "the castle is all yours now!" his mouth lituarly made a "O" shape, I laughed and shouted "lol will miss you!" and whispered "NOT!" to myself. While Jayde laughed. Now we have about 10 months left with no school! Because they are rebuilding it after the fire in it. "so where do you live? So ican take you there?" i smiled at Jayde
"i dont really want to go back there" she told me.
"allright you can come to mine? And stay there for a bit?" i told her
"sure!" she smiled
"okay now is the moment of truth! Jayde i need to tell you something!" my face went serious.
"sure what is it?"
"well tomorrow we will go and get you some clothes from some shops really you cant go in the same thing all the time!" i winked at her "but now you can borrow some from my cousin! As shes staying the weekend over mine! Oh and shes in the guest room so theres no rooms left so you would have to sleep in my room!" I smiled and winked at her
"hehe okay!" she winked back "okay remember when I told you that I will tell you after I will change back you know?" she asked.
"yup! What was it?" I asked
"well..." she began and after kissed me, I placed my hands on her waist and she olaced her hands around my neck while I kissed her back.
After about 47 secounds we pulled back while I bushed, she blushed too.
"so?...shoul we go to yours now? She smiled
"yup lets go!" I shouted and ran a bit with her while holding her hand next she began to giggle a bit.

Jayde's POV:
I began to giggle niall is just so funny! I love him so much! He's just perfect!
"Jayde tomorrow if you want to stay with me? Im going to my friend's house if you want to you can come with me?" Niall asked me.
"sure" I told him then he smiled. Next we walked down to Niall's house down the streets filled up with light from the street lamps.
After about 10min we were already at Niall's.

"so heres where I live!" he told me and smiled
"allright nice house!" I smiled. After he took my hand and took me to his room. Then we were already in his room "so where will I sleep?" I asked smiling.
"umm well I got the floor?"
"how comfy?" I said sarcasticaly.
"OR!...I always got my bed too?" he winked at me. After I went and sat on his bed. "This option is much comfier!" I smiled.
"Jayde if you want you can go to sleep now? Because as you may know you didn't sleep for five years!" Niall told me.
"okay" I moved my head up and down slowly.
"you can sleep in your clothes now and in the morning I will get you something!" Niall smiled.
"sure!" I smiled while laying on the bed. After I realised that someone is by me so I twirled around and noticed Niall, then I moved my eybrow up a bit
"what? I never said I wont sleep here!" he laughed
"fine!" I smiled.

After I placed my head on his cheast and he placed his hand around my shoulders
"good night" I smiled
"good night" he kissed my cheek, making me blush a little.



Hey guys hope you all liking my story :) please please feedback and maybe like and favourite? :D


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