truth or dare?

My name? Niall just a ordinary guy, that his life changed in a simple game of 'truth or dare'
theres a really old castle right next to a super scary haunted church.
-"truth or dare?"
-"stay 5 nights at that castle!, try to survive bro!"

I know it sounds quite crepy but trust me it is like a love story :-)


17. Be mine?


    Jaydes POV:
I woked up and Niall was still awake there hugging me "did you stay up all the time?" I asked "always here for you!" he winked. OMG so Zayn in my dream was wrong Niall was here for me actuarly! Yes!

"so... Remember the thing you wanted to ask/tell me? Before you went to sleep?" Niall asked me. "Oh that...well... I remember but I dont to say it...?" I confessed. "oh just say it" he winked at me with a warm smile then I pressed my lips against his boiling cheek and stood up "will tell you later!" I winked at him while butterflies were spreading across my stomach.

"so when are we going?" (camping) I asked. "in a little while" Niall smiled then stood up and walked away from me towards the kitchen then I comed and stood by the kitchens door leaning against that white door. Niall started making food while I watched him, it didn't take him that long only about ten minutes until the food was on our plates.

After eating...
"I gona wash the dishes then!" I smiled and picked up the two plates with the two forks and carried them back to the kitchen "okay babe have fun!" he smiled at me. Next I was like in the middle of washing them then Niall comed "shift a bit would you?" he winked while I moved a bit away thinking he will splash the water all over me. Then he washed his hands after food "thanks" he smiled and ran both of his hands up and down my white top "sorry your top id a bit wet..." he winked, then I took a bit of the water anf splashed it on his face "sorry your face is a bit wet!" I winked back at him, in a matter of secounds I was all covered in water with my hair and my clothes my top looked like it wasn't there anymore because of the water so you could see green louminous under it. After I saw him bite his lower lip a bit "what?" I laughed while he comed up to me anf placed his lips on my forehead "nothing!" he winked. "okay then!" I smiled and hugged him "im off to take a shower now see you!" I smiled and dashed off to the bathroom.

After shower...
I got out from the shower and realised that my clothes was on my bed "fuck!" I whispered and took a white towel with a small blue stripe on the bottom of it and tied it round me. Then got out and checked if Niall is there. Happily he wasn't there then I quickly ran up to my bed and took my clothes from it, after I had them in my hands I turned round and saw Niall my eyes gine big and tried quickly to run back to the bathroom. Niall just gone and sat down on the bed and smiled at me while I gone back to the bathroom to put my clothes on.

I putted on jean shorts and a blue top with a superman sighn on it with red all stars shoes and a purple zipped hoodie. After i've gone to the mirror and brushed my long dirty blonde hair. After I got out from the bathroom amd saw Niall got dressed already. "comming now?" Niall winked at me. "sure!" I smiled. "Louis should be here in a bit with the rest of the boys!" he smiled.

After I heard the car, me and Niall rushed to go downstairs and then out of the door and into the car where I sat next to Niall. Then ten minutes has gone already "can I borrow your phone for a sec?" Niall asked me while I took my phone from my pocket and stopped mysef "why?" I asked him "wait and see!" he whispered right into my ear while I passed him my phone.

I saw him going on my phone and then contacts next he went on 'Niall<3' and he saw me looking and turned around "don't look babe!" he smiled "fine!" I stack my tounge out "there!" he passed my phone back and showed me what he did. Firstly he went onto my contacts and then scroled down it till he reached someone called 'my boii;)<3' he showed me and told me "it's me!" he laughed, then I giggled "okay!" I winked at him. Fuck I forgot to tell him!

I poked him. After he turned around to face me "Okay I really have to tell you something that i've been trying to tell you since yesturday..." I told him "yeah okay" he whispered back " I can't tell you it now though..." I whispered to him really quietly "text your boy?" he winked at me. Then I took my phone and went onto 'send a message'


From -Jayde- to -my boii;)<3-
Well I don't know how to say it but... I really like you... I tried to tell you that since a long time now I guess? Really since i've been in that castle i've started to feel something for you... Yeah I know it's really hard for me to say it but here it goes I love you<3.... I know you might not feel the same but thats life I guess? I just wanted it to get it off my heart and finally tell you:/

Then I closed my eyes while I had my finger over the button 'send' I slowly placed my finger down onto it and took a deep breath while he started reading it on his phone I looked at his face expressions it nearly looked like he was ment to cry in a secound but at the same time he looked really happy... Then he was typing something? I know anyway that he will say that he dosen't feel the same back. Then my phone flashed bright blue I was quite scared to see it.

From -my boii;)<3- to -Jayde-
Okay well were do I start? I really like you too since the day we meet, I always knew there was something special in you!<3 I wanted to tell you it a long time ago but I guess I was just scared of rejection? And I love you too!<3 so will you be mine?<3 ;););)

I had to read the message about three times I actuarly thought I was dreaming! But I wasn't I can't belive that he actuarlt said that! What should I reply with?

From -Jayde- to -my boii;)<3-
Corse I will<3 my boii;););)

I smiled at my message and then sended it then I noticed him smile at his phone.

From -my boii;)<3- to -Jayde-
Yessss!!!! Okay...can I tell you something but you have to come in close to me it's really important!;);););)<3

And with that message I looked at him and leaned down a bit while he moved his head towards mine, his lips towards mine. Then I could feel the sparkles, my stomach was all filled up with butterflies. After I realised that louis was in that car too! Oh no what am I doing?! I could feel louis stare at me. But I didn't move back. After we pulled away I quickly looked towards louis and he was already staring at me with 'what-on-earth-are-you-doing?' stare I just ignored it for a bit and looked towards the other boys and liam,harry and zayn were saying "ohhh love birdies!" I just blushed a bit and looked at niall and he placed his hand om top of mine and kept it there until we got there.

In a bit we were already there. "Jayde come here for a sec I need tot talk to you..." Louis told me "okay" I told him and comed up to him. "what was that all about in the car?" he asked "nothing?..." I fake smiled "Jayde seriously I care about you and you do know that but just tell me why did you kiss him?!" he asked not that calm anymore "Lou calm down... It was nothing?... It's not a really big deal I guess?" I told him. "look it is for me, you're my sister and you will always be my little sister" he become calm again. "look don't worry i'll be fine" I hugged him and then walked back to the boys and there where Niall was standing. He placed his arm around my waist while I blushed a bit and nervously bit my lower lip "I love you" Niall whispered right into my ear, my smile got bigger just with the fact that im with him now, everything has to be perfect now! Well I hope...



Hello!!! So Niall got finally with Jayde!:D btw I'm now carrying on with my other story as well 'New life' and I'll try to update both of these stories ASAP :) love you all!<3


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