truth or dare?

My name? Niall just a ordinary guy, that his life changed in a simple game of 'truth or dare'
theres a really old castle right next to a super scary haunted church.
-"truth or dare?"
-"stay 5 nights at that castle!, try to survive bro!"

I know it sounds quite crepy but trust me it is like a love story :-)


9. 5th day-memories/P.S I love you

Niall's POV:
 That was the day of truth! Now no turning back anymore! I know I can do it! For Jayde...not for me of anyone else but for her. Yeah I know I only know her for five days and never ever saw her YET. Gosh righ now I feel like I was on a stupid website that you talk to people that you don't know! But NO that wasn't it life is not easy at times and you have to fight for your love sometimes even lituarly like I have to today. I only want to make her happy, for her to be back with her family yup, I know that her family might have lost hope years ago! But they would love to see her again right? I wonder why did she run away at first place? What actuarly happened at her house? What are her parents like? Why do I even care that much?...I have no idea!

 After beeing deep in thoughts I opened both of my eyes and then streatched.
 "awake already?" Jayde's voice asked
 "yup, so how was your day so far?" I replied and asked.
 "well it was really nice just woked up" she said sarcasticaly, but couldnt really hear the sarcastic voice
 "really?" my eyes gone bigger.
 "corse not! Silly, was just here all the time and waited for you to wake up!" She said it more happily than usual.
 "ha, whats with all that happiness?" I asked and winked.
 "what?...oh...nothing!" she said it really quick and happily.
 "sure?" I moved my head down a bit and moved my eyebrow up a bit.
 "okay then!" I smiled and rested my hand on my head while playing with my hair for about ten secounds.

 "so what do you wanna do today?" it felt like she jumped up from her happiness.

 Jayde's POV:
 "so what do you wanna do today?" I nearly jumped I was so excited and so happy! Finally today was the day that I might be free FINALLY! it was so exciting! I wonder how many things have changed already? I wonder if my parents well they dont even act like my parents! But I-I-I wonder if they actuarly ever even realised that I was gone?! Yeah I did say that I run away because of a argument but NO! That wasnt 100% true! I wonder if they even changed? After all these years maybe it did and they don't do it anynore? Maybe, Maybe? Let's hope they wouldnt do it to me anymore?! To be honest I know that my parents never ever would look for me!

 If there was someone to look for me it was only my older brother brother Louis! Well he had a different surname than me because we had differwnt dads and all that but I always called him my brother it was a nice feeling to have a 'older brother' to be honest now he was the only pearson I could trust and talk to anything back then when I was 11? I wonder if he ever did back then he was the only pearson I had by now hes 18 I wonder if he moved out or something? And yes I do really miss him! I wish I could see him sometime soon! But what if he wouldn't remember me? What if he wouldn't care about me as much anymore? What if...oh lets face the facts i've been in this shit now for five fucking years and I have no-one left my family never loved me, Louis was the only one I had then and now it's gone five years he was 13 then! Its a bit obvious he forgot about me by now! Like hello! Hes 18 now!

 Ugh I wish I never runed up to this stupid castle fucking hate beeing here! Can't just everything change and go back to normal? And when I said that my parents never loved me yes I knew what I was saying! They never did! Do you really want to know why? Well my mum is a drug addict that always beaten me up! And my stupid dad is a sex addict and has beaten me up a couple of times too! Thats why my mum left him and got with louis' dad! And then I had to live with my stupid dad! That had a new slut/women every night! I wonder how many he made pregnant? Ha! Righ now if I thing about it, it just makes me sick! My dad is lituarly a joke! So is my mum! Hate them both so much! Anyways if they loved to hit me, beat me up so much so why did they even give birth to me? I am not a toy if they though that! I was only 11 then and they did so much shit to me! They lituarly ruined my life then! Oh my god I don't want to go back there! I just want to see louis! Want to know what hes like, what he looks like now? I miss him so much!


haha I was ment to save you today remember?" he winked at me.
 "yup I do remember" I yelled with happiness
 "wow now why are you so happy for?" he asked and smiled at me.
 "well why do you think?" I said sarcastically.
 "umm well I dont know!" he said sarcasticaly and smiled at me knowing exacly why!
 "so umm after should I take you home or something?" he asked
 "NO!" I shouted "I mean theres no need for that" I tried to say it calmly.
 "okay" he smiled
 He looks so cute while smiling! Wait no! Oh my gosh! I can't be with him anymore! I was only ment to get out! Not fucking love him! Why is life so complicated! Ugh! Stupid life! Well not actuarly life because I dont even know if I am right now? As I ment to be a ghost? Well who the fuck gaved a ghost feeling? Why?!! Stupid!
 "so umm where will you go and sleep and stay? After you know?..." Niall asked me
 "I-I-I dont know?" I said quite saddly
 "well if you want you can always stay over mine for a bit?" he suggested and smiled.
 "That would be amazing!" I cried.
 "Anything for you! Well you know you can always meet my friends? So you would know more people?" he fake smiled
 "only if you would want to!" I told him "look I dont have to meet them if you dont want to?"

 Niall's POV:
 "look I dont have to meet them if you dont want to?" Jayde told me.
 To be honest I really do want her to meet my friends and all that! But what if she falls in love with one of them? I know louis might like her? He always tries to get a girl off me! I know his my best friend and all that but sometimes he just needs to calm down a bit?

 After her sister 'died' he always gots any girl he wants and he started beeing a player but, well really the story is that she got lost at the age of 11 while he was 13 he never told me her name all I knew is how old she was then. I wish I could just find her and make him happier, anyways then he wouldn't be such a player anymore I guess? I know he still thinks about her and everything. I guess thats why his a player? Just to take his mind off his sister? Yeah he does still love her, but I mean in a sister-brother way! Really, he would kill anyone just to see her! He even placed posters of her everywhere around town, but I never got to see them so I dont know anything about her, he dosen't like to talk about it, I know its that because he would probibly cry. I'm not trying to make fun of him or anything but thats the facts!But what if I would found her!? I wonder how happy he would get!

 "Jayde look I do really want you to meet my friends bit its just that I really like you...." I paused for a bit "And they are like thoes type of flirts....and well you know" I told her.
 "hehe look Niall you don't need to warry about that I know that I wouldn't like them in that way..." she told me
 "and why is that?..." I asked with big eyes
 "you'll see when I will get to normal!" she said happily.

 I just wonder if she likes me as much as I like her? I really do, I do li- love her....!

 -Harry- to -Niall-
 Dude! Louis has a break down again! U rly need to help!

 -Niall- to -Harry-
 Bro...its just that I cant... Im so sorry its about the thing you told me to do. Look tell him im so so sorry, that im here for him and that I just cant leave it now! I will see u both guys tomorrow! tell louis not to worry that everything will fine.

 -Harry- to -Niall-
 Well fine but he keeps on crying! I dont know what to do anymore! he said "n-n-no I w-w-want her back I lo...-my little sisssss.!" thats what he keeps on saying! Help me

 -Niall- to -Harry-
 Tell him dont worry be happy! That everything will be fine that wel will find her one day!

 -Harry- to -Naill-
 He keeps on repeating it and said what if shes dead?

 -Niall- to -Harry-
 Tell him dont even think like that! O.O

 -Harry- to -Naill-
 He wants to talk to now...


"ugh!" "jayde I have to quickly have to call my friend he has a serious break down amd well yeah...." I asked/told her.
 "its fine I get it just wondering is it about a girl yeah?" she asked
 "well you can say so?..."
 "what do you mean?"
 "well its about some family problems that its about his sister?"
 "oh...what happened? Well you dont need to tell me but im just asking?..."
 "um well his sister died..."
 "oh my gosh! I feel so sorry for him! Why dont you just go and help him?" she asked
 "well he can wait and anyways I wanted to help you first!"
 "oh well its fine you can go I just gone wait another year or so?"
 "NO! Jayde you cant you've been here for 5 years! And I cant even imagine it how bad it probibly is?..."
 "its not that bad...and its fine with me just go and help him?" she said happily but really saddly in the same time.
 "Jayde I just cant leave you like this!" "wait there I just gona call him!" I said with a smile.

 Calling -harry-
 "yeah harry here!"
 "harry you said louis wants to talk to me?"
 "yeah ill give him you now."
 "h-h-hello?" louis cried
 "its me niall!"
 "oh h-hi -ni-ni-niall"
 "dont worry bro it will be fine!"
 "but what if shes really dead I didnt see her in five fucking years!"
 "dont even say that!"
 "fine ill try to get my self ready for today when will you be back?"
 "oh okay bye see you then!"

 Jaydes POV:
 After Niall rang his friend I could hardly hear what he said but one thing is for sure he said the name louis! What if it's my louis? My louis Tomlinson? My older brother? The only one that cared about me? What if he still rmembers me?

 Wait no! Who am I joking! Even I dont belive that! Niall would be friends with my brother? No way! Never! But right inside of me I still got a bit of hope, right inside right on the bottom, but I know it will never ever happen!

 That will never happen!
 P.S I love you Louis! No Matter what! I still do!



hey hope y'all liked my long chapter? :D will update it tomorrow :D plz like, favourite and become a fan and plz plz feedback i rly want to know what you guys think about my story so far?:D 





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