truth or dare?

My name? Niall just a ordinary guy, that his life changed in a simple game of 'truth or dare'
theres a really old castle right next to a super scary haunted church.
-"truth or dare?"
-"stay 5 nights at that castle!, try to survive bro!"

I know it sounds quite crepy but trust me it is like a love story :-)


10. 5th day-Fighting for love

Jayde's POV:
Okay now I have to ask Niall! Its not that im trying to see who he was talking to but insted I just want to know where my louis is?
"Niall?" I asked
"mhmm yup?"
"just asking who did you call? You dont have to answer and I know it sounds like im trying to look over you but its really not it just..."
"Oh okay it was just harry" he smiled
"oh righ...."
Well that wasnt my louis then! I just wish, I wish I knew where he was now!
"anything wrong with that?" hr asked with one eybrow up
"oh nothing dont worry" I said happily (i was faking it though)
"but the pearson who was having a break down was louis" Niall told me.
Louis! Oh my gosh what if that was my louis? My hope then got up!
"louis?" I questioned "oh...just asking what was his sister called?"
"I-I-I dont know? He never told us,not me or my other friends"
"oh okay sorry for the questions its just that..."
"whats wrong Jayde? What is it?"
"i'll tell you later after I will get out from here!"

Right now I know that probibly wasn't my louis as he always tells things like that to people he just cant keep anything to himself he always used to tell me RVERYTHING! thats how I know.

"so we only got a couple of left..." I told niall.
"yup I know everything will be fine and I will get you away from here! And well will have a happy ever after!" Niall joked.
"hehe yup..."

Niall's POV:
"Hehe yup..." jayde said with no emotion.

After a while I could hear someone not jayde this time anymore a couple of people. I was too scared to look back incase it was someone scary.

After I made up my mind that I will see who on earth it is. Next I turned around and the first thing was gigan shoes! I looked more up and I could see the same pearson as I saw couple of days ago! It was the same bald fat man I saw a couple of days ago but this time he was wearing a brown leather jacket, big black shoes, XXXXX...L sized black trousers and a huge black top. He was standing right behind me with his arms crossed.

"ugh so what do you want today?" I asked while started to be really tired.
"hmm nothing much just for you to get the fuck out and let me do my job I just need to make the castle go boom (explode)" he laughed
"god sake man language and well you may come tomorrow!"
"nope I need to do it today" then he looked at his watch "like right now!" he tapped his watch.
"not today pal im not moving from here!" I smiled
"thank you Niall" Jayde whispered in my ear as I started to blush a bit and smiled, that man looked at me with a weird look.
"what?" I said with a straight face.
"let me fucking make the stupid castle exolode!" he yelled at me.
"NO!" I shouted at him full of anger in my eyes.
"well im not going anywhere!" he told me
"me neither!" I shouted.

After it was nearly dark my heart started beating like in a race or something really fast!
"okay now dude im not trying to scare you or anything but just hade for about an hour if you dont want to get killed! Because im not staying here about a month or so to rescure you!" I said serioisly
"um make me?" he told me
"okay!" I shouted while I runed up to a gigant sword i've found earlier on happily I know how yo use it "what about now?" I shouted!
"oh umm I just gona hide there!" he got scared ha! Poyhetic man!
"Jayde im really scared!" I whispered
"don't worry it will be fine!" she said happily, that man had placed random bombs around the castle so if he would press the big red button now that he has by him, hopeffuly he wont! If he would jayde would....i love her too much! I cant even think what might have happen...
"okay they will come in about 10minutes! Dont worry everything will be fine!" after that what she told me I could feel sometging on my cheek now I know what it was! When I wad sleeping, now....she kissed me! My eyes started to water because of the happiness! Okay Niall man up! I need to have jayde with me in pearson! I love her and I wont let her go!

five minutes later I looked up and it was full moon already I took a couple of deep breaths
"dont worry Niall!" he whispered quite loudly.
"okay" I took another deep breath.

After I noticed the ground shake! And I saw some hands popping up from the ground! That was it, now its the time I have to do it for Jayde! Next I saw a couple of heads popping up and I have to admit they are extreamly ugly! Then there was about ten of them! All out from the ground! I tried to look up on them I was all shaking by that time but I know I can do it! After I runned up to them and choped two of their heads so 8 more to go! I smiled as both of them died I guess they are pretty slow! After I stabed the sword into one of theirs heart making him die, after I stabbed one of them in his face poking a eye out but he still was moving so I putted my swored all the way through his body! Next I noticed I have only 5more to go! I made a sarcastic half smile and I made a small cut on one of them making the others to go in his direction and to kill him so I now can quickly kill the rest of them I stabbed the back three all the way through their necks making them to choak and die after I was only left with two I stabbed one and he died after I realised that the castle began to crush the ground began to shake while the last zoombie died.

 I looked at that man with tears in my eyes. After I runned up to the castle and realised that Jayde is not here anymore! I started to scream "Jayde!" a couple of times but no reply! After I kneeled down by the castle the tears went down my face after I burried my head in my hands, I thought it was over! I still love her so much! I cant do this anymore! I jate that man so fucking much! Amd my Jayde is gone! Forever! After I looked up and saw some sort of light! But in a secound of time placed my hands back on my face.

Jayde's POV:
After I was so happy! I realised that now theres only 1 more zoombie to go for me to be back alive! Then I noticed the ground shake! I started to disappear, the castle began to crush! I started to loose the image of where I was I couldnt see or hear anything, it felt the same way 5years ago when I got changed into this! Now I couldnt do anything about it I was gone forever! But was I righ?!...



Hey I hope you all like my story so far? from now on I'll try to update it once every day :D please please feedback :D and favourite and like maybe? ;] hope y'all having a goog weekend so far? :D mine was boring -.- 



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