Loving The Enemy's Friend

Maddie's dad works for the CIA,but what happens when they're forced to leave the country?What happens when Maddie's dad gets killed battling the new gang:One Direction?What happens when maddie stumbles upon Niall Horan and falls in love with the enemy's friend?


1. Knocked Out

Maddie's POV


I have been training at the Kid's CIA Training for a year,I'm the only one who has been on a real mission.My dad just got a new job working in England,there's this new gang One Direction that have been doing crazy things for the last couple of months.I have to have a life as a fangirl like going to concerrts,meeting them,acting all crazy about them.I have to say goodbye to all my friends at the KT(Kid's CIA Training)."Leah, Sam! I have to go,I'm going to be late!"I yelled.Leah has blond hair with brown eyes,Sam has long brown hair with green eyes like Harrys.Just then Sam came running down one set of stairs and Leah the other,"Hold your horses! We're coming!"Leah laughed.They said goodbye and hugged "Remember to give Harry a kiss for me!"Sam yelled."Give Louis a kiss for me also!"Leah yelled.I rolled my eyes and waved goodbye,I got in the car and drove to the airport.My dad was already in England buying my One Direction tickets and backstage passes I can't believe that he's making me go and meet them he wants me to get closer to them and then strick them when they least expect it.I know it's mean,but I have to.My plane just landed and I got to the house I'm staying in when I pulled in my dad's car was smashed and there wasn't one light on in the house.I walked to the house and I didn't hear anything,I grabbed my gun out of my bag and started to search the house.I know it's dangerous to have a gun but I have to have it just in case my dad's enemy's show up and try to kill me.I didn't find anything except a note it said:

Dear Maddie,

We took your dad but when we got here it turns out there was already someone here battling him,so we left him to die,we know you'll be at the One Direction Concert.Make sure to where something pretty if you don't come we'll find you.



Oh no they didn't I swear when I find them I'm going to beat them until they cry for mercy!I decided to get ready for the concert,I wore a black dress that was tight but went 2 inches above my knee,I curled my hair and put a bow in it.I wore black flats,I ended with my make up I put on eyeliner and mascara.I locked all the doors and got into my car,I was there in about 20 minutes I gave the person my ticket and found my seat.

***Skip Concert***

The concert finially ended,I will NEVER get those minutes back,I gave the security guard my pass and made my way to their room.I walked in and sat on the couch how am I supposed to sit here the whole time,I stood up and started to walk around looking at all the pictures,I have to admit the blond ones cute.What are you doing Maddie these boys broke into your house!I decided to go to the bathroom to freashen up,I walked to the door and I was just about to turn the knob when the door swung open,the door hit me and I screamed and fell to the ground.I remember hearing a cute Irish accent say "Really Harry!You always hit the guest with something!"Then I blacked out.

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