Lucy is 18 and all she ever wanted is for her mother or father to come and pick her up from the orphanage that she was dropped off at 18 years ago. But the chances are low until in that month, she becomes adopted. Moving in with the family she finally feels she might fit into the world. Charlotte (Charlie) her now 'sister' is all Lucy ever wanted her sister to be: pretty, kind, helpful. There is just one glitch: she is dating Louis Tolminson...


3. Lucy's P.O.V

Lucy's P.O.V


My head is pounding and my whole body feels numbed with pain. Where am I? What happened? My eyelids aren't opening and feel really heavy. I hear a couple of voices in the far off distance and then a comforting hand squeezes mine and I fight the urge to give up and I open my eyes.
Whiteness blinds me but soon everything comes into focus. I see Charlie, Mum, and Dad and my heart flutters with happiness and warmth as I realize I am not completely alone in this world that no matter what the past did to me there are now people who actually care about me! I smile weakly at my family because that is all the strength I could muster and let my eyes wander around the room. I soon realize that there is another person in the room. Our eyes lock together and I can distantly hear myself gasp as I realise who I am looking at: It is my best friend, the one boy whom I have ever loved and the boy who betrayed me and left me. Louis.

I realise now that my old life could never fully be buried because already a connection, a link to my old life had appeared in my new life and that wasn't good news. Out of the corner of my eye I can see Charlie confusion written all over her face. And then I focus on Louis gain and all of a sudden I feel a seizure grab me and pull me into the familiar world of pain and darkness, and I feel my body get taken over by sudden outbursts of pain that kills everything. This has happened ever since I was a little kid but everytime it comes it hurts like crazy and I can't breathe at all.

But all of a sudden a lullaby is being sung and my hands are being gently place down onto my hospital bed and my hair is being stroken, just like when I was younger and I realise again that it is Louis who is calming me down and letting my body relax from the pain. And without warning memories begin to flash through my head pelting at my brain as I am caught in Louis' eyes, the eyes that I fell in love with, the eyes that belong´to the boy whom I trusted with my life, the eyes that belong to the person who left me, and the person who betrayed me. Our connection breaks as Louis runs out of the room. And I feel my whole body sigh with guilt and sadness.

It is all of a sudden very silent in my white hospital room and the tension could have been cut straight through with a knife and I reliase that the path ahead of me, my future is about to become a very bumpy journey. And with that I close my eyes...



Heyy, sorry for this it is a sort of filler chapter.

Eat carrots forever and always


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