Lucy is 18 and all she ever wanted is for her mother or father to come and pick her up from the orphanage that she was dropped off at 18 years ago. But the chances are low until in that month, she becomes adopted. Moving in with the family she finally feels she might fit into the world. Charlotte (Charlie) her now 'sister' is all Lucy ever wanted her sister to be: pretty, kind, helpful. There is just one glitch: she is dating Louis Tolminson...


2. Diagnosed

Louis's POV

"Louis can you get some more popcorn?" Niall asked me. "But this is the good bit!" complaining I got up and went into the kitchen and popped a bag of popcorn into the microwave. I check my phone: its 6 30, I have half an hour left to get ready for my date with Charlie . Pulling out the popcorn I shove it into a bowl and shout at the boys "Popcorn is ready, gotta go be back in 5!" I race up the stairs and into my bedroom. I was quite excited today was Charlie and my 1 year anniversary and I couldnt wait to go on the date I had planned for us. I pulled on a striped blue and white top and my usual trousers and red toms. I then styled my hair and went downstairs, it was like a bombshell had exploded when I came downstairs everything was in a mess but the biggest mess was in the kitchen. I looked at the clock it was 10 to 7, I needed to find Niall and tell him that I was leaving, running into the kitchen I shouted out for Niall. All of a sudden he appeared from underneath a pile of food, I bent over doubled with laughter at the sight it was just hilarious!
"Niall I am leaving!" he nodded and continued eating, I chickled, grabbed my keys and went to my car. Within 5 minutes I was outside Charlie's door. I rang the doorbell and waited. I heard screaming and argued whispers and then all of a sudden heavy footsteps came towards the door, it swung open and outcame Charlie looking flustered in sweats and a cute tank top.


"Babe, are you okay?" she shook her head and tears started to form in her eyes. I pulled her into a hug and she cried into my t-shirt.

"What's the matter?" she pulled me into our house, into her living room and onto the couch. Then she looked at me with her hazel glistening brown eyes and said: " You know how we just adopted a girl?" I nodded, Charlie had been so excited. " well she is lovely and I love her like my own sister." I nodded not quite sure where this conversation was headed "but today she came down into the kitchen and she just collapsed and was unconcious and she wouldnt wake up and we couldnt really heear her breathing, she is in hospital right now!" Charlie sobbed. I pulled her into another hug and cradled her in my arms.


" 'Cmon lets get you to the hospital." she nodded. "I am sorry this happened on our anniversary, babe" she kissed me tenderly on the lips and a smile crept onto my lips. "But I can't go looking like this!" I chuckled quietly, "You look beautiful, dont worry, babe." She blushed and smiled.


I held her hand tightly all the way to the hospital, Charlie looked really pale. We rushed inside and Charlie asked the receptionist where her sister was. We were escorted by a buff looking male nurse to an isolated room on the far side of the hospital. Charlie ran over to her mum and dad who were sitting opposite the room. I shifted uncomforatbly on my feet, I knew Charlie's family very well but I felt like I was intruding on them. We waited for a couple of hours Charlie squeezing my hand the whole time until a doctor came out of the room looking serious and glum.


 I put an arm around Charlie's shoulders and held her close. " She is very weak at the moment, but she is a fighter and she will live however there is some quite bad news. It seems she wasn't too well looked after before she came to your home and this has effected her greatly, especially due to the fact that she has a rare disease which she must have been diagnosed with from a very early age. This disease causes her to burst out into uncontrollable fits which causes a lot of self harm. The only thing I can do is give her some medication and ask that you as her family now care for her and do not let her come to harm." I tensed as I remember my best friend, the girl who I fell in love with, she had the same disease but this couldnt possibly be her, she moved away shortly after I was on the X factor, she was the one that told me I could do it, she was the one that supportedme and gave me self belief and courage. It defenitely couldn not be her here. Charlie tugged at my hand 2We have to go see Lucy." I tensed up again. Lucy? Louis stop it, there are millions of Lucy's out there. I shook it off and followed Charlie inside.

We walked into her room and Charlie ran to Lucy's side. Lucy's eyelids fluttered open. I froze my eyes locked with her and my jaw dropped. I heard Lucy take in a sharp quick breath and then she suddenly had another fit. Her arms flailed around her, Charlie jumped away from the bed while Lucy screamed injuring herself all the while. I ran to her side, I knew how to get her out of her fits I had done it so many times before. I soothed Lucy and sung her her lullaby gently caressing her hands down. She looked at me again her piercing blue icy eyes locking with mine and all the memories flooded through my head. I dropeed her hand and ran outside. I couldnt do this, this was the girl I grew up with, my best friend and the girl I had always loved yet she had never loved me, at least I dont think so. I couldn't do this to Charlie.


Charlie's P.O.V

What was happening? Did louis know Lucy? The way he looked at her, what was their relationship? All of a sudden Lucy burst into a fit I jumped back shocked and scared my baby sister in so much pain, it hurt to see her like this. Surprisingly Louis ran to her side and started soothing her, I was shocked by this, he must have know her before but how and why? Jealously rippled through me. i shook it off, whatever Louis did it seemed to have worked becuase Lucy was calm now and looking into my boyfriend's eyes, I saw pain flicker through Louis' eyes and then he ran out. what was that about? i was confused and jealous, I was missing something vital and I wanted to know what.


Hey guys! Cliffhanger!!!! Charlie will defenitely have havenmore P.O.V's and so will Lucy dont worry! I hope you like it, I dont have many fans and am not very good at writing but I am just going to keep going because I enjoy it. That was a bit soppy but yolo.

I will update soon!

Eat carrots always and forever


Candycane xox



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