Lucy is 18 and all she ever wanted is for her mother or father to come and pick her up from the orphanage that she was dropped off at 18 years ago. But the chances are low until in that month, she becomes adopted. Moving in with the family she finally feels she might fit into the world. Charlotte (Charlie) her now 'sister' is all Lucy ever wanted her sister to be: pretty, kind, helpful. There is just one glitch: she is dating Louis Tolminson...


1. I guess

Lucy's POV

I guess I should have given up hope long ago, but I was scared that if I turned away I would miss them. Who am I kidding, I am 18, skinny, tall and some say quite pretty, I say average. All in all I am  just like everyone else well, apart from the fact that my home is an orphanage, I don't have any parents. 18 years ago I was left outside on the doorstep or something like that, it dosent matter because 18 years later I am still here.

"May I come in?" Its Miss Holly my favourite person in the orphanage. "Are you ready to come downstairs yet, honey?" I sighed heavily and nodded, I was as ready as I'll ever be.
"Don't be scared, they are a nice family, lovely people in fact, you will love living with them, a happy and jolly family you will be." she smiled fondly. " Are you sure you don't just want to get rid of me after all these years?" smiling at my fail of a joke, Miss Holly chuckled and shook her head. We reached the living room, and all of a sudden I became aware of the fact that I was about to go and live in a home, in a house with people who cared for me. I was going to have a family.


Louis's POV

I was lounging on the couch, when my phone buzzed. It was Charlotte (Charlie) - when do you want to meet up tonight, c xxx. I smiled - I'll pick u up at around 7, is that ok? Can't wait for our date! L xxx. I had planned a special romantic night for us and I couldn't wait to see her face when I brought her there.
 All of a sudden Niall bounded in to the room and jumped on the sofa, his grin was stretching from ear to ear. "Why are you so happy?" I laughed at Niall. In reply Niall showed me the bags of food from Waitrose. I laughed Niall was a food addict, literally. Now Niall turned back to me and said: "So, why are you so happy? Oh wait let me guess, charlie??" I smiled and nodded aware that I might blush I quickly jump up and helped Zayn and Liam unpack the groceries.


Lucy's POV

Walking into my new home, I am amazed at the house, it is my dream house, from chandeliers to the latest plasma TV screen... But even though they have all of this I knew that they were a family who were always there for each other and because of this my smile streched from ear to ear, oh and because i had about 10 shopping bags form To[pshop, New look, Next etc. all overflowing with clothes for me. I had never felt this happy in my life. Charlie my new sister showed me to my room. "Here you are. If you need anything I am right next door." she smiles at me and gives me a hug."I am really glad you are my sister" she says to me and I know that she will be the best sister I could ever have hoped for. "Same with me." I say to her and I can see her smiling as she turns out of the room.

Taking a quick shower in my en suite bathroom, I let the warm water wash pleasure all over me. Slipping into skinny jeans, a white lace top and some heeled boots, I go downstairs. In the kitchen my new Mum is making lunch it smells amazing and I reliase how hungry I am. She looks up and smiles at me and indicates to ine of the chairs at the bar like place in their kitchen. I slump into the chair and smile, all of a sudden I feel something seize me and I black out...


Hope you like it, I am not sure if I should keep writing so plz comment!



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