I cant live without you

Its about an girl named preeti she was 19 when she met harry from one direction
Just read the story :$ :D


26. You?

Preetis P.O.V

I was on the way to eleanor's. I needed a girl right now. I was alone. One the streets. it was Dark. Then suddenly someone grabbed my wrist. I turned around and saw him. The boy who kissed me in the plane. James no Josh no it was Jake. "YOU?" i shouted. "No babe Obama" he winked "dont call me babe and let. me. go. " i said. "kiss me again..just one kiss a-" "what about NANCY??" i yelled. "she's at home..come on she wont know" "y-you freaking a*shole let me go" with my free hand i pulled out my Iphone and dialed harrys number. "uuh nice ring there" i heard that harry picked up. Jake still didnt noticed that i was calling harry even it was on loud -speaker. "HARRY" i shouted "HARRY HELP" i replied. "HARRY I'M THIS FAR AWAY HELP ME PLE-" jake noticed that i called harry so he grabbed my phone "if you wanna see her again..without a baby in her belly then come in 3 minutes or..." he hung up. Was he going to have...NO NO NO "PLEASE LET ME GO" i cried. It was a big mistake to go to eleanors at this time. After a minute a black range rover arrived. Harry stepped out and ran towards us. He pushed jake away. He punched him in the face then in the stomach. He was lying on the ground. Harry started kicking him "HOW COULD YOU, YOU F*CKING BUSTARD" he yelled. He was kicking him hard. I stopped him "Harry stop it please..he's not worth it" i said and he stopped. thank god. I couldnt watch or see things like that. Thats why i hate action movies.

Harrys P.O.V

I stopped kicking him. As Preeti and i walked away i saw her T-shirt was totally ripped off and she had bruises on her arm."I told you not to go alone" i said while taking my jacket off and covered Preeti with it. "I-i thought i could go alone bu-" "sssh calm down, come sit in the car" i said. "thank you" she whispered. "no need to thank you" i said . She was quiet the whole way home. I thought i'll take her to a long drive. "harry where are we going?" "long drive" i smirked "Harry? why did you beat him up like that..why didnt you just kiss me in front of him to make him jealous he would walk away then..like umm at the airport..you didnt kiss me in 10 minutes..ugh" i just laughed "i hate you" she said "I hate you too baby" "i hate you so much why didnt you kiss me? what if he calls the police because you be-" she whined but then i stopped the car and stepped out. "harry where are you going" i ignored her. Then i went to the other side and preeti was still in the car. I wanted to open the door but she locked it. I gave her a sign to open the door. She didnt opened it she just stuck her tongue out. So i pretended to walk away. I went behind the car and hid. I heard that she opened the door "Harry? Where are you? come back! you know i'm afraid of the darkness and especially when i'm alone..harry?" she said frightened i walked to the other side.."BOOO" I shouted "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH" she screamed and was about to fall but i catched her. I giggled. "i hate you styles" she said. I just crashed my lips onto hers. I was about to deepen the kiss but she pulled away "why? you wanted to kiss me so badly" "safe it for later..AND we are in the middle of the street..kissing..helloooo?" i giggled and sat into the car.
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