I cant live without you

Its about an girl named preeti she was 19 when she met harry from one direction
Just read the story :$ :D


13. You Promised

Preetis P.O.V

I'm definitley not talking to zayn anymore. I woke up and realised i won the challenge. whatever. All of the boys and girls were having breakfast. But Harry waited for me . "Babe dress up
" he smiled. "MORNING HARRY I HOPE YOU SLEPT WELL" i said jokingly "sorry Good Morning Pre." "Pre? are you serious" i giggled. I put on black leggings and harrys jack wills hoodie with my grey boots. "I like your hoodie" he winked. I just gave him a quick kiss i wanted to open the door but then he grabbed my waist and pulled me against him. "mmh?" "just a quick kiss? nothing more?" he asked I was standing on my toes and put my arms around harrys neck. "impress me today..then i will give you a loooooong kiss." i said and kissed him "okay..what about a ta-" "oh and umm please stop tattoeing okay?" i interrupted him "i-i promise" he said. "thanks" i said and he kissed me. We went down..our fingers intwined. "Good Morning sleepy head" zayn said to me
i didnt answer. "ahem..preeti..something wrong?" he asked again in urdu. I still ignored. After Breakfast the boys went to the concert and i stayed in my room with perrie. "you slept well tonight?" i asked . she looked shocked "y-yeah and you?" she replied "mmmh..i heard voices from zayns room so no" i giggled "oh you know what happend there?" she asked "yep..harry also knows" i answered. "oh..i actually wanted to stay a vir-" "perrie, its okay its your thing i mean yours and zayns but i-i'm just hurt because zayn promised me to stay a virgin unitl marriage." "oh..yeah ..so thats why you werent talking to him?" "yep" i said popping the p. We laughed and giggled. But then perrie left she had to rehealsal for the little mix concert. I skyped with my parents phoned nancy etc. then i heard a knock i opened it. It was Harry. He had a bandage on his arm. " Harry, I dont care, you promised me you wouldnt get anymore tattoos. And right after, you go get another one!" i yelled. he came in and closed the door. "But-" he started but i interrupted him "no harry mo if's and's or but's. you promised an now you've lost my trust" i shut door in his face and lay down the bed. i love harry but i didnt approve of all his seemingly meaningless tattoos. "preeti please" i would ignore him but something in his voice made me open the door. he cried. he looked down at his tattoo. it was todays date with a heart. "see harry this is what i mean i dont want you to get this stupid meaningless tattoos. what is happening today?! are you going to get a date for every day that you live. you need to..- harry what are you doing?" he got down on one knee, pulled out a small box with a diamond ring "this is what's happening today.." he smiled through tears in his beautiful eyes "..will you marry me?"
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