I cant live without you

Its about an girl named preeti she was 19 when she met harry from one direction
Just read the story :$ :D


25. yes

Preetis P.O.V

He kissed me. I missed his kisses in those minutes. Should i really forgive him?. I better talk to zayn. They all were sitting on the table. The movie was still paused. I gave Zayn a sign to come over here. "zayn..i dont know if i should forgive him.." "if you think its right then do it..but i'm telling you. He really loves you. As you were asleep he stroke your hair and cried while saying i love you please come back every second he really loves you forget this thing with him and taylor..there is just you and him and nobody else" Zayn said, wich made me smile "okay..i have to think and umm zayn..thank you for everything you are such an amazing brother..sorry and thank you" i said "anything for my cute sister...wait why sorry?" "because i think that you get annoyed of me sometimes that y-" "no, i dont get annoyed. I love helping you i mean i cant see you crying it just breaks my heart..i love seeing you smile" "aaaw zayn..thank yoooooooooooou" We hugged. And i sat down and thought. Should i forgive him? I walked around the house. Back and forth. I cant live without him. I still love him. Even if he broke my heart..

Harrys P.O.V

I was still in Zayns room, sitting on his bed, waiting for Preeti. Will she forgive me?. Then i heard a knock. "come in" i said quietly. I was looking at the ground. "Harry?" a sweet voice said. Preeti. I stood up quickly. "Forgive me! Please!..will..you? just say yes..or no..if you say no you have to say a reason and i try to change it" i said. she cried a bit and smiled. "i-i n-yes" she finally said. "Thank you so much babe" i said hugging her. "oh i forgot" i put out a ring. not just a ring ..The Ring..the ring with that i proposed her. I got on one knee "will you marry me..again?" i asked. She smiled and nodded. I slid the ring in her finger and picked her up (not bridal style) and turned aroubd in circles. She laughed. Later i stopped and looked up to her and she looked down to me. Our eyes were locked into each others she lent in and kissed me. I love her kisses. I slowly put her down without breaking the kiss. Then she pulled away. "I love you" i whispered "i love you too" she replied whispering. Then we went down. Hand in Hand. Fingers intwined. "Oh you guys are together again" zayn said hugging us. We both nodded. "umm i'm going to el's" preeti said. "now? but its dark outside.." liam said "..she lives just 6 blocks away" preeti said "i'll bring y-" i got interrupted by her "..i. am. going. alone. trust me nothing will happen" she said "but you are scared of the dark" "so i need to do something to overcome this fear" she said. "sure?" "100 %" "call me every minute" she just nodded and went out.
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