I cant live without you

Its about an girl named preeti she was 19 when she met harry from one direction
Just read the story :$ :D


29. why me?

I layed on top of Harry. "Harry" i kissed him "why me?" i asked.
Harry gave me a confused look. Then he smiled. "what? ..i mean there are 10000 of girls who are umm pretty or so but why'd you chose me?"
"'cause its you, i love you because you're ..different. The first time i saw you i just thought you are the one. I love you because you are you, the way that you flip your hair..it just overwhelmes me or the way you smile at the ground...thats so cute and the way you talk like a waterfall is lovley..i have to kiss you..to shut you up..and you are the most beautiful girl i've ever seen" He smiled and gave me quick kiss "aaaaw..how cute thank you..i love you ha-wait did you just said i talk like a waterfall?!"
He smiled stupidly. "..yes and i love it" he winked. "whatever styles" i said. On the right of the Bed was a small table and a paper on it. I tried to get it and i did. I held it infront of Harrys face and was looking at it. Last night a drew the bracelet on that paper. "Preeti" harry said. "hmm" "..i cant see you". I just giggled. "baaaaaad" i laughed "..i wanna see you" he said. "you see me everyday.." i giggled.

He took the paper away and looked at it "..you're really obsessed with this bracelet huh?" "n-no i'm just admiring it, duh" "aaah and thats why you draw a picture of that..you are a bad liar baby" "heeey what a nice weather" i changed the topic "..dont change the topic" "tomorrow's valentines day" i changed it again. wait. valentines day. omg i have to buy something for Harry..I must go shopping.

Harrys P.O.V

"tomorrow's valentines day" she said. She was still lying on me. I froze. I have to buy something for her..and i know what. "HARRY? HARRY? HARRY?" "uh yeah?" "deep in thoughts?" "n-n yea, k-kind of" she looked at me confused then she stood up. "um Harry i'm going shopping with Danielle today" she said "why not with eleanor?" i asked. "1st I want to spend time with Danielle too and 2nd umm..i umm ..yeah..thats it" she smiled "okay i'll be out with the rest of the boys" she just nodded. "and how's your headache?" "feeling better..thank you" she said.

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