I cant live without you

Its about an girl named preeti she was 19 when she met harry from one direction
Just read the story :$ :D


31. Valentines Day

Preetis P.O.V

Shopping with Danielle was fun. I bought a big white poster threw it on the Bed and ran downstairs. "HARRY I'M HOOOOME" i yelled. no answer. "HARRY?!?!" still no answer "HARRY I'M HO-" I stopped yelling and layed my hand on my tummy. I had a weird feeling. I put my hand on my mouth and ran to the Bathroom.I kneeled down in front of the Toilet.. Oh no. I threw up. I vomitted. I felt that someone took my hair up. It was Perrie. What was she doing here..I mean i love her she's like a sister but what was she doing here. If she was here Zayn must be here too..anyways. She rubbed my back. I started crying. I dont know why. As i stopped i sat on the bed with her. She asked me "How did you feel today?". "Great..actually.." i answered "did it just..came?" she asked again. I just nodded. "When are you getting the period or when did you had them..?" "actually umm i didnt got them last month" i answered. "Oh baaaaaaaabe" she almost screamed. I gave her my 'i'm confused' look. "We have to get Pregnancy tests come with me" "PREGNA-" i got interrupted by Zayn "Hey Pre your home" he said hugging me "no i'm still outside" i joked. Then Harry came in "Hey babe" he said kissing. "i dont wanna sound rude or something but guys? could you gomout for a while please i have to talk with perrie about umm about.." i stopped "about what?" Zayn asked whilst playing with the football "umm eerr Girly things" i smiled stupidly "ew" harry and zayn said in the same moment. "Sooo we are going to the chem-" i interrupted Perrie "Perrie its better when we go to the doctor i mean to the Hospital..just to make sure" She nodded "Shit..Harry has the car keys.." i said. "By bus?" I nodded.

Perries P.O.V

I think Preeti's pregnant. Well..we reached the Hospital. We already did the test i mean Preeti did it. We were waiting outside. I could tell she was nervous. I took her hand "dont worry...it will be oooka-" "Sooo eerm Mrs. Preeti Shenaz Styles?" "yes" she stood up and i stood up as well. He led us to his room. "Well CONGRATS you're pregnant" A big smile grew on my face "yaaaay" i cheered" "Omg I-i'm p-pregn-nant" She was so happy and i was also happy. "Cant wait to tell the boys.." she said "Thank you doctor..bye" i said. The whole way home she was talking and talking like a waterfall ..so cute.

Harrys P.O.V

I woke up with Preeti in my arms. I kissed her forhead "wake up sweetie.." she mumbled something like "naaah gimme 5 minutes mum i'll be ready" I just giggled
"come one sweetheart" i said while standing up "muuuum wait.."she mumbled with her head in the pillow, she took her hand up and touched my face "muum just 2 minutes" she mumbled and then she touched my nose her Hands covered my face then she touched my hair.."since when do you have curls mu-HARRY" she almost yelled. She sat up. And ran out of the room i just stood there smiling like a stupid. Then she came back "sorry" she gave me a big kiss on the lips and grabbed a bag with a big poster in it then she ran out again. Then she locked herself into the other room.

She came out 2 hours later. It was 11 a.m. I wanted to change so i went upstairs to our room. I realized it was..locked. "Preeti?" i yelled "yeees" she replied from the other side. "i want to change..can i come in?" "ju-just wait 1 minute". I stood there. Waiting. "What do you want," she sneaked out of the room. "i wanna change" "close your eyes" she said. I did nothing..then she covered my eyes with her hands. "wha-" she shushed me and led me into the room "open your eyes" she said as she put her hands down. Then i saw it "wow" i whispered. It was a big poster..as big as the wall it was stuck on it. There were lots of pictures of us..wow we took many pictures. "its amazing" i whispered. I loved it..it was a nice memory..and i loved it more because she did it with her bare hands..she is so cute. "HAPPY VALENTINES DAY HARRY BABE" she yelled. "Th-thank you so much i love it its amazing" I was still surprised. I saw a box and looked over to preeti "open it" she said i could tell she was excited. I opened it. There were 3 Abercrombie and Fitch clothes. 1 Hoodie and 2 T-shirts. There was a small paper. I started reading it. It said.. 'Preeti..yes preeti. is pregnant...<3' "OMG, Babe thank you so much and i-i cant believe it..y-your pregnant an-and i'm going to be a father and you a mother..oh my god ! And your Present..i love it..our room isnt boring anymore hahaha i love you preeti" i kissed her.

"Oh i forgot" "what?" she asked "close your eyes and gimme your hands" She obeyed. I gave her the bracelet "open them" i said. She was speechless. Her mouth wide open. "Ha-Harry i-its lovle-y i love it, its beautiful..a-and our names made the bracelet..more special..thank you so much Harry..i love you" she said. I helped her to put the bracelet on. "I love you.." i said "and i love you" she said.
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