I cant live without you

Its about an girl named preeti she was 19 when she met harry from one direction
Just read the story :$ :D


20. Twitcam

Its been fast that zayn remembered everything!!! anyways..
I woke up because i heard voices..from ..zayn "..yes..okay..mh..i'm coming tomorrow..okay mum..love you..bye! Okay now to you Harry.. why?..why did you say that shes lying that she loves you? what were you thinking? she really loves you" he said. i was still lying in the bed with eyes closed but listening to their conversation. "i thought she loves me because i'm famous..and okay i know it was a mistake.." harry said "..famous! really?! harreh she didnt even knew that you are famous..when she wakes up you have to apologise..not just a sorry..you need a good explanation" "o-" "aaaaah" i 'woke up'. "eerm hey?" i said. "Hey PrePre Harry wants to tell you something i'm going down and letting you alone" he said and walked away. "listen preeti i'm really sorry i didnt want to say or ask that i was a fool and please forgive me?" "okaay but promise me you'll never do that again?!" "i will" he said before he kissed me with passion. "Twitcam?" he asked "sure" i said "get zayn and i'm starting the laptop" he said kissing me "Okay". I went downstairs and saw zayn watching TV. "Hey Pre, you forgave harry??" he asked. "yep, now come with me we are doing a twitcam". He nodded, turned off the computer and came towards me and we went up. "Hey are youvready?" harry asked "of course" zayn and i answered at the same time. We already got 5000 viewers and then it grew after some minutes we got 15734 viewers and it grew every second
"Hey Directioners!!" Zayn and Harry shouted. I just waved. "Well umm as you can see ..uumm this is Preeti..umm you've probably seen her..and yeah.." We did a twitcam for 2 hours. Later i got a message from Eleanor.
'From Eleanor<3: Hey Dear,..we havent seen us for a while..wanna go shopping today? i'll pick you up at 3'
'To Eleanor<3: Hey El, okay.. i'll be ready :)'

"Harry i'm going out with eleanor at 3 okay?" i said "sure" he replied.
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