I cant live without you

Its about an girl named preeti she was 19 when she met harry from one direction
Just read the story :$ :D


6. Stay away from Zayn

***3 Months Later***

I became very close to all of them. mostly to zayn. he is like my brother now. I met Eleanor Danielle and Perrie they all are so nice and we became pretty much close too. but sometimes inthink perrie is jealous. why? because of me and zayn. i told her 100 times there is nothing between hs we just are like brother and sister. Anyways. We were sitting on the couch. watching a movie. we paused and i stood up. "well i'm going to make some tea" "chai?"(pakistani/indian tea) zayn asked. "yep" i answered. "one for me too please" "okay" i said in urdu. Harry followed me as i started to make tea. he hugged me from behind. his hands were on my waist. he started kissing my neck. "Harry!!"i giggled. "huh?" he continuned kissing. "i'm doing something haha" i giggled. "Fine" he turned his back to me with his arms crossed. The tea was already done. so i put it in glasses and after that i hugged harry from behind. "i love you" i said. he turned around and said "i love you too"and the he kissed me passionately. "AHEM..WHERES MY TEEEA" zayn said. i pulled away and smiled. "done zayn just wait." i replied. harry went back to his seat. "why do you have 9 cups of tea ?" danielle asked "i wanted you guys to taste it" i answered smiling. "whohoo" perrie and eleanor giggled. Zayn took a sip "baaaah GROSS" "what the..?!" i asked shocked.."just joking aaaah its been a long time i havent drink it..i just love it..perfect." "i hate you and thanks" then i hitted him lightly. all of them liked the tea. Then perrie took my hand and led me to the doorm we stopped in front of it. "stay away from zayn" she said. "what?! he is like my bigger brother and i love him as a bigger brother" i whisper yelled. "JUST STAY AWAY FROM ZAYN OKAY" she shouted. Everyone looked at us. "what is going on here?" zayn asked coming towards us. i wanted to told him..i did but in urdu and not english "perrie? what the hell is going on..we are just like brother and sister nothing more" he said. "sorry" she said and sat down on the sofa.
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