I cant live without you

Its about an girl named preeti she was 19 when she met harry from one direction
Just read the story :$ :D


2. Plane

Harrys P.O.V

Omg. This girl ! she's so eer so beautiful. should i ask her out?. I just sat there. But then 3 boys came in and stopped in front of her. i could tell she was afraid. all of the people ran away. why?. The girl wanted to go away but one of the boys didnt let her. he wanted to kiss her . she cried . but then i told them to let her go. but she ran to me and hugged me. she told them that i was her
'boyfriend'. i acted like she was my 'girlfriend'. I kissed her as they wanted a prove. wow. when i wouldnt be there she could be abused by them or more worse things. the plane was ready to board. The girl was already in the line, 2 people behind her and then i. 2 minutes later we were in the plane. what a coincidence. she was sitting in the first class like me, seat 5b and i? 5a! yes. well i went to my seat and sat down i smiled at her and she smiled back. "i'm sorry" i sarted to say. "for what?" she smiled. "f-for eeer for k-kissing y-" she interrupted me with saying " ssh..you dont have to i mean i- i was really scared because those boys they..you know. but yo-you were there and helped me . i am really really really thankful. so thank you so much. and about that kiss...eer to be honest.. i e-enjoyed the..kiss.......actually". Aaaaaw . "haha youre welcome and eer i eer i also l-liked the kiss" she just smiled and nodded. "Whats your name" she asked. "Harry, Harry Styles you?" "Preeti, Preeti Shenaz" "you dont sound..eer british.. i mean your name.." i said. " haha yes..eeer my dad is from pakistan and my mum is british and we live in holmes chap-" i nterrupted her "chapel, right? i also live there" "oh really..cool haha what a coincidence" there was a moment silent but i broke it. "hey preeti?" i said scratching my neck.."huh?" "i-i know we only met but eer i-will you be m-my girlfriend, please?" jsjjsjsjbdwhs. "oh my..eer yes !" she said.
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