I cant live without you

Its about an girl named preeti she was 19 when she met harry from one direction
Just read the story :$ :D


3. Not Again

Preetis P.O.V

He asked me to be his Girlfriend. wow. i said yes,what was obvious..actually because i had my first kiss with him and he is my first boyfriend now. aaaaah.We looked into each others eyes and he leaned in and kissed me with passion until.."Dear Passengers we're ready to take off please fasten you're steat belts and switch off your mobiles..have a pleasent flight on board thank you" a women said. **3 hours later**"Harry it seems like we know each other for ages" i said. "yeah..after we played 20 question and laughed like crazy haha" he giggled "eeer there were actually 50 questions insted of 20 haha" "yeah babe you're right" he said kissing me with passion.we both of us watched the same movie but in the middle i fell asleep on harrys shoulder. okay. 19 hours and then we are in los angeles..ugh. after 3 hours sleep i woke up. harry was already awake. "morning beautiful" he gave me a quick kiss on the lips "morning" i replied. i had to pee so i stoof up "where are you going babe?" "toilet" i replied . he just nodded and i walked away.I waited in front of the door, it was occupied. 2 minutes later the door opened. and who came out? ugh uh oh . not again. it was one of those 3 'bad boys' "hey sweetheart" he winked. "go away" i said annoyed. "no baby i wont" i wanted to go in the toilet but he stopped me "c'mon kiss me" "HARRY" i shouted crying. the 'bad boy' grabbed my waist and pulled me closer, he already formed his lips "HARRY" i yelled even louder. Oh fuck. he kissed me. i didnt kissed back. i cried even more but then harry came and pushed him away. "HOW COULD YOU" he punched him in the face..with his fist. oh my god. i stopped him. He just nodded and walked away. i could tell he was angry. We sat down. I started crying again. "baby its okay" he said comforting me "n-no i che-cheated o-on you, i'm so sorry" i said sobbing. "no love you didnt, you didnt kissed back right?" "no" i sobbed. "everything is going to be fine dont worry baby" i just nodded and he hugged me and kissed my forhead. The boy walked by and winked. harry gave him a death glare. the boy was bleeding at the corner of his mouth.
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