I cant live without you

Its about an girl named preeti she was 19 when she met harry from one direction
Just read the story :$ :D


18. New Home

Zayns P.O.V

We arrived London. We broke up something i think it was the tour ..yea we broke the tour up. As we drove to Harrys flat. On the way i saw a big red truckthere was "X Factor" written on it. "uumm.eer L-Louis?" "yes mate?" "can you stop the car for a moment?" he did. I stepped out and walked over the Truck. I touched it. Suddenly i saw something..pictures and lots of different voices..It was a...

"....you should let me love you..."
"....oooh toorn..."
"..we decided to pick you both.."
"..baby you light up my world like nobody else.."

and then someone grabbed my shoulder. "Huh" i jumped andi breathed heavily..and i was shocked..as i saw a monster..i turned around quickly..thank god it was preeti "everything alright zayn?" she asked "i-i rem-rememb-ber ssssome things" i said shaking. "its alright zayn tell me everythin' when we reach the house okay?" i just nodded.

Preetis P.O.V

We went to a huge house..i was confused.."Harry?" no answer "babe? harry?" i replied. "huh?" finally.."you told me about your flat but this eerm..is a ..house" "our new home baby" he smirked "omg" i whispered. We all got out of the car. As soon as we stepped in i stood there sleechless. The furniture and all ..it was already in the house. The boys left soon they went to their own houses and flats because it was getting a bit lateans zayn? . He stayed. his mum is picking him up tomorrow. I sat down the sofa then harry came.."you like it.?" he asked. "no" i answered. i actually love it "no?" "no but since i realized that you will live here with me so..I LOVE IT !" i said. "was it a flirt?" he smirked before he kissed me "eerm i dont know" he gighled.and we kissed. Then zayn came we pulled away. "so zayn tell us about the flashback" i said. "sooo.." he started. A few minutes later Harry said. " zayn i think you are remembering slowly.actually really fast but..umm you know what i mean, now you go and sleep you need rest and its already 10 in the evening.so its the bedroom upstairs on the left. good night zayn" "good night harreh good night preeteh" he said, we hugged and he went upstairs. "where are we sleeping?" "upstairs on the right" we walked hand in hand up. "I love you harry" i said kissing him "I love you more" "I love you thousand times more" "i love you million times more" "i love you billion times more" "i love you trillion times more" "i love you infinite" he said kissing me "i love you eerm more ....than ....infinite...shit..HEY" i said. Harry smjrked. We sat down the bed. "umm harry can i take a shower here?" i asked "sure but we only have bathtubs" he answered "oow eerm okay where is it?" i asked "there" he pointed to the door and kissed me with passion. seconds later i pulled away. "where are you go- oh can i join?" he asked scratching his neck. "harry" i said "please" "oow" i moaned "please please pleaseee" he begged "okaaay" i finally said "yay" he cheered. "well i'm thursty i'm going to drink something..i'll br right back?" i said. He nodded and smirked. After a cup of water harry wasnt in the room "wheres harry?" i whispered to myself. As i walked into the bathroom harry was already in the bath-tub. It was dark..and decorated with candles. Harry just layed there and smirked. I got into the tub and layed down.
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