I cant live without you

Its about an girl named preeti she was 19 when she met harry from one direction
Just read the story :$ :D


10. Marrige

Preetis P.O.V

I forgave harry. i mean i couldnt be mad at him. Today is the Marrige of my Friend Nancy. I'm going shopping with El. I wrote El a message.
'To:Eleanor<3 Wheereeeee are youuuu :o'
'From:Eleanor<3 Hey Babe i'll be at you Hotel in 10. :-)'
'To:Eleanor<3 Okay ! I'm waiting :)
10 Minutes later it knocked on the door. It must be El
"Heeeeeeey" she greeted me with a Hug. "Hey" I replied. "Ready?" "yep" We walked out in silence until eleanor broke it. "Soooo" "so what?" "you hooked up with Harry?" she asked. "Eeer El i'm 18" i giggled. "well.you know 14 year old girls already did" she said laughing "But i'm eeer better..only fter marrige" i replied "it means tonight?!" she said. "eeer nooo i meant after MY marrige haha" "oh okay" . After an half hour we reached the Mall El suddenly stopped in front of a store with her mouh open. "What?" i said. "Look at this Outfit" omg it was perfect and i tried it on. I was long, strapless and dark Blue. "I. Want. This" i tried it on and after that..i bought it. After some hours Harry brought me to the Marrige. "You look hot" he giggled "are you serious? i'm not hot! i'm sexy...and i know it" i sang jokingly "hahahah yes you are baby" "aaaw thanks" i blushed . actually i hated me. i hated my eyes nose lips everything.Then we reached the Hotel where the Marrige was "I'll pick you up okay ? just call me then okay?" "okay harry bye" i kissed him on the lips and entered the Hotel. it was decorated beautiful. I tried to find Nancy but i couldnt find her. But i thjnk i saw her husband i mean who is going to be her husband in a few minutes..i guess. Oh . my . God. its the boy who kissed me in plane. shit. I tried not to be seen by him so i ran upstairs i dont know where i was going. suddenly i saw Nancy she was looking stunning. "Nancy . Oh my god" i hugged her "Preeeti i missed you so much" "i missed you too" "soo..do you f- ooooh nice tattoos" oh i forgot i have a small 'hope faith love' tattoo on my wrist and a 'forever young' under my arm. "haha thanks and what were you saying?" "oh yeah..eer any boyfriend?" i looked at the ground and blushed. "yes" i said shyly. "uh uh uh whats his name" she asked exited "harry" i smiled "harry what?" "what??" "surname?" "oh ..styles." "YOUR BOYFRIEND IS HARRY STYLES FROM ONE DIRECTION?!?!?" "yep" i said popping the 'p'. "wow..congrats" "thanks and uumm tell me about your 'husband'" "oh. his name is jake..." she continuned telling me about him but i pretended to listen i was asking me if i should tell her that he was the guy who tried to kiss me..what he actually did. "....so thats it" she finished. "eeer Nancy? i have to tell you something.." "yes" she sounded kinda worried. hmm if i tell her it would ruin everything and she wont be so happy anymore so i didnt "what?" she asked "oh yeah uumm when is the wedding ending?" "well we first are celebrating here a bit then we go to the church" "oh kay". we went down and the 'wedding party' started. After that we went to the church. " Will you Nancy Claire Edward..." blah blah blah . i wasnt as happy as i were until i knew that 'HE' is marrying my friend. He is a cheater. but i hope he'll keep her happy.
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