I cant live without you

Its about an girl named preeti she was 19 when she met harry from one direction
Just read the story :$ :D


23. Letting them alone.

Zayns P.O.V

Preeti is actually my little sister i couldnt see her crying this bad. "Preeti calm down..if he really loves you and not this bi- i mean...umm yeah..he will come back" she just nodded and fell asleep on my shoulder. I got a call from Niall "Hey Dude" i whispered. He asked if he could come over with the boys. I wasnt sure. "umm..i dont know 'cause preetis here and ha-" he interrupted me with saykng 'please' every second "okay okay see you later" i hung up. After an hour the Boys came. Preeti was lying on the sofa. I covered her. "HEY ZA-" louis shouted "sssh..she's sleeping" The boys giggled and came in. Harry seemed very disappointed. "Whats the matter harry" i asked. "I-irs just i-i want her back i cant live without her sh-she is my everything i know i did a big mistake and i know i hurt not only once but i-i j-just need her. Those minutes she wasnt by my side were horrible. I love her and i-" I interrupted Harry . He was almost crying. "Calm down mate i'll talk to her..by the way why did you..f.." i mumbled while saying that word "..with taylor" i asked. "i...look..i already talked with louis about that and i-i still h-had feelings for t-taylor but s-since preeti was gone i realized that she is the one i love most taylor forced me to do that -" he got interrupted my liam "guys come on lets watch a movie". We walked in the livingroom and Harry stopped in front of the sofa where preeti was lying on. A small smile escaped on his lip and one small tear runned down his cheek, he bent in and stroked her hair and whispered 'I love you's' to her. I also smiled. ahe really loves her. Preetis head moved a little she was about to wake up. Harry quickly stood up and sat down the floor where we all sat. Preeti woke up and i smiled to her she smiled as well But when she saw harrys head she was about to cry i quickly stood up and sat on her right comforting her. i rubbed her back with my hands wiped her tears away and hugged her. He sobs made harry turn around. He had an worried face. The boys also noticed and paused, even though it just started.I walked upstairs with her and harry following. I let them alone so they could talk.
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