I cant live without you

Its about an girl named preeti she was 19 when she met harry from one direction
Just read the story :$ :D


4. Landed

Harrys P.O.V

How could he? how could he kiss my girlfriend.such an A**hole. Well only 2 hours left. wow its been so fast. "Harry" Preeti said. "Yes Preeti" " Thank you, sorry and I love you" "Why thank you? and why sorry? i love you more" "Well Harry.. i'd be nothing without you.. you're there were i need you and sorry if eeeer oh i dunno..anyways i love you more than you can ever imagine." she gave me a quick kiss "aaw youre so cute..no i love you 1000 times moooore" "mmh". "We are ready to land" a women anounced. after 20 minutes we landed in Los Angeles. We went off the plane and ibtook her and. our fingers intwined and i pecked her on the lips. We got our luggage and searched for a taxi. We were still holding hands. "Why are you here actually?" i asked "i'm attending a friends marrige you?" "tour" i smiled. "tour?" she asked confused. "oh yeah eer i'm in a band..one direction" "oooh my boyfriend is famous..but i dont care. i love you and not harry from one direction" aaw she was so cute "haha thank you baby i love you too" We sat in a taxi and i told her about one direction. I took her to the hotel where me and the boys were staying at. She was staying at the same hotel and guess what..her room is next to mine. yay.
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