I cant live without you

Its about an girl named preeti she was 19 when she met harry from one direction
Just read the story :$ :D


21. Its enough

Eleanors P.O.V

I went to Harrys with Danielle to pick up Preeti. I rang the bell. "Hey Zayn" i said Danielle just waved "Heya eerm Preeti is coming..eerm come in" he said "why arent you at home" i asked "i am going back home today" "oh". Then preeti came "hey eleanor hey danielle" she said with a big smile and hugged us. "lets go" danielle said. We reached the big shopping street and started walking around. We laughed and giggled. it felt good to see preeti again.

Louis' P.O.V

Someone rang the bell i ran towards the door and opened it. It was Harry. "Hey harold" i greeted. "Hey" he asked..in a disappointed voice. "what happend" i asked "sit down" harry said and i obeyed . "well.umm i eer i think i i umm i st-still have feelings for Taylor.." he said. I was eating crisps but i let them fall and then i shouted "WHAT?! WHAT ABOUT PREETI? ARE YOU MAD?!?!!? YOU ARE MARRIED TO HER !!!" "i- i know but i love taylor too.. i dont know what to d-" "Harry you have to talk to preeti and taylor and pick the right onr..but i'm telling you Preeti is much better than taylor" i said "I stood up and took my phone. i dialed eleanors number but it wasnt working so i dialed preeris number. no. i'm not going to tell her. so i called danielle.

Danielles P.O.V

Louis called me. I picked up. "Hey wassup?....WHAT...omg..okay i wont...can i tee
ll el? ..okay..okay..mhm..bye" i hung up. "what happend?" they asked "ugh..my sister hehe eerm el can i talk to you..?" i grabbed her wrist and whispered everything what louis was saying. She was shocked. We all were shocked. Everyone knew it..liam, niall, louis eleanor and i. except zayn and preeti.

Preetis P.O.V

i went back home. The door was open and i heard moaning and grownings. I went upstairs and saw..her..it was Taylor, Harrys Ex. "Ugh...harder harry haaaarder.." she moaned and shouted. "I'm trying baby" it was harry. "What the.." i whispered to myself. Then it hit me. They were having sex. I cried. I stepped back but then i hit something and it fell. Shit. They stopped and saw me "sorry for disturbing you" i shouted whilst i cried. I walked fastly in the room grabbed some of my clothes and threw them in a bag. "preeti let me explain" harry shouted. i stopped in front of the door "oh harry don-dont say anything harry..you hurt me alot and i stayed i forgave you but now? HOW COULD YOU HARRY HOW COULD YOU!!! why?" i cried even more "Its - its just enough ENOUGH you broke my heart harry..i-i its over..ITS OVER !!!!" i yelled and slid the ring out of my finger and threw it on the ground. "i never want to see your face again.." I ran out. I got the car keys and drove to zayn. I saw eleanor and danielle in the bus as i reached the road where zayns house is. I got out and ran to Zayns. I rang at the bell. Zayn opened "Preeti why are you crying?" He hugged me "why do you have these bags with you?" he asked again. He led me in and we sat down the couch. "H-ahrry...Taylor..s-se..ugh" i sobbed and layed me head in my hands. I told zayn everything. I could tell he was angry. "can i live here for a while i- i cant go back home..my dad will abuse me then i-i." "ssssh preeti calm down. THIS is your new home now okay?" I hugged him tight. "thank you so much" Zayn was the one, the one who i can trust!

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