I cant live without you

Its about an girl named preeti she was 19 when she met harry from one direction
Just read the story :$ :D


19. I'm not lying

I layed down. "Harry you are very romantic" i said "haha mmh" he giggled. "Preeti, what about tomorrow?" he asked "what do you mean?" i asked confused "Baby" "baby?...oooh...you want to.oh kkay" i said confused. "you want to?" "eerm..maybe..erm okay..yes" i smiled. There was a minute silent. I played with water then harry broke the silence "Preeti?" "hmm" i mumbled turning around so i was face to face to him "do you really love me?"he asked. Omg. I felt like my heart stopped beating. "WHAT?!" i asked shocked. no answer. "how could you say that harry !?" i half shouted "harry i'm talking to you! how could you say that i love you with all my heart..and you?" i almost cried. "sorry but i-i just..i mmh..are you lying?" "Gosh harry how could you think that..y-you really broke my heart with saying that i cant believe it harry yo-you were my first boyfriend a- ugh.." i stood up, took a towel and went to the bedroom. I put on my bra undies then my pyjamas then a t shirt. i was feeling cold so i weared my onesie. I sat down the bed with my head on my knees and my arms around them. Then i heard a knock "its open" i sobbed. i looked up and saw zayn with a worried face. i quickly wiped my tears away. "what happend? why are you crying?" he asked "i-i'm not cr-crying" i said. "oh come on preeti..i know you now tell me what happend?" "harry asked me if i love him and i said yes and that i love him with all my heart then he asked if i'm lying.." i cried into zayns chest "sssht. tell me how much you love him" "words cannot describe it- its as hard as to describe wich taste water ha-has i-i uugh.." "calm down, i will talk to him, now go to sleep you seem tired okay?" he said i nodded."good night zayn and thank you" i smiled " Good night love, everything for you" he smiled and then he went
out. I love harry and i am not lying. then i heard steps. i quickly layed down and pretended to sleeep. "I know you're not sleeping babe and i heard the conversation of you and zayn" harry said. i slowly sat up. "I'm sorry" he apologised. I turned my face to the other side. He sat down the bed and came closer i wanted go away but harry grabbed my wrist and pulled me closer "i'm really really really really sorry" he leaned in and kissed me with passion, i didnt kiss back but then i did. He pulled away "forgive me?" he asked. I just pulled the covers over me and fell asleep.
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