I cant live without you

Its about an girl named preeti she was 19 when she met harry from one direction
Just read the story :$ :D


12. I won, You lose

Harrys P.O.V

I accepted the challenge.Shit. no. i have to kiss her. aaaargh. big mistake.
**next day**

I woke up and dressed up for the Concert. I walked over to Preetis room. i wanted to knock but i heard preeti talking about me "..I love Harry..I love Harry.. Iiiii Loooooove Haaaaarry" it was preeti "Stooop singing that every second" that must be her friend nancy. aaaaaw how cute preeti is singjng 'i love harry'. i love her too. I knocked. She opened the door. Preeti. "Hey baby" "Heya" she rplied. i walked in and greeted nancy. she was totally fangirling. i grabbed Preetis Waist and pulled her closer. I leaned in "Harry! the challenge" she giggled and hold her hand onto my mouth. "oh yeah..babe i'm going to the concert now okay? see you in eer some hours" "eer okay Harry bye take care" "bye baby" i gave her a kiss on the cheek and drove to the concert "how's challenge goin' on?" zayn asked in a weird accent. "ugh i think i will loose." i laughed. **3 hours later**
We reached the hotel it was 9 in the evening i first went into preetis room. "Hey?" "Haaaarry" she yelled hugging me "i thought you were coming l-" "late..i know but i wantednto see you so eer here i am. " i said. It was already 11 p.m I coudnt sleep so i got out of the bed. Preeti was sleeping in our room. I think i woke her up too 'cause she was drinking water in the small kitchen. then she walked down the corridor.dark corridor. you cloudnt see much but did. Then i grabbed Preetis Wrist pulled her close grabbed her thighs put them up so her legs were around my waist. I crashed my lips onto hers first she didnt kissed back, she touched my face and did one move and then she touched my hair and started kissing back i could feel her smile. I kissed her with passion but slowly it was getting harder. she bit my bottom lip and i opened my mouth. Our Tongues were fighting like crazy and then we kissed again...HARDCOOOORE!! until..we heard moanings. "Well you lose" she laughed. "i love you.." i said. "wait do you hear that?" she asked "what?...moanings.." i asked "ya" she answered i took her hand and we went to the room where the moanings came from. "harder zayn harder" it was perries voice "i'm trying and try to be a bit quiet" and thatwas..zayn. . I was at the left side of the door and Preeti behind me. Our Jaws dropped. they were having...sex! "oh my god" we whispered. "zayn promised me that he will have sex with perrie only after marriage and omg he also promised me that he will stop tattoeing gosh i'm not talking to him anymore" preeti whispered "he promised that to you too?" i whisper yelled. "Wait Zayn do you hear that?? lets take look" perrie said. I took preetis hand and walked towards the bed and we jumbed in and covered us. we pretended to sleep.
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