I cant live without you

Its about an girl named preeti she was 19 when she met harry from one direction
Just read the story :$ :D


9. I hate you

Harrys P.O.V

I realised i shouldnt kiss Taylor. All of the Boys are mad at me. Shit. After one hour. I went into the bedroom to talk to Preeti. I opened the door and gave El dani and perrie a sign to leave
. so they did. i saw preeti on the bed with her head on the knees and arm crossed. i sat next to her. she turned her beautiful face to me and then she wanted to go away but i hold her wrist. "preeti talk to me" i begged. no reply. "preeti please" i said one more time. "i hate you" she said. Oh no. "plese let me explain" i begged once again. she stood up and walked towards the door. I fastly stood up and grabbed her waist..pulling her closer. A tear rolled down her cheek and i wiped it away. "you know i was drunk..i dont wanted kiss her she just kissed me.. the reason why i kissed back was..hhmm..she said that..she would...k-kill Gemma(harrys sis) i-if i dont kiss back. i punched louis because she said if i break the kiss she would kill y-ou too" i explained "you're lying" "babe trust me i'm not" i pulled her more close and our forheads touched. "i'm sorry it wont happen again okay baby?" she just nodded and i kissed her with passion. hey she kisses better than taylor. We walked out of the room. Zayn came and hugged her. "you forgave him?" "kind of" she said.
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