I cant live without you

Its about an girl named preeti she was 19 when she met harry from one direction
Just read the story :$ :D


16. Hospital

we reached the hospital. I was still crying. Niall was crying also. We both hugged each other and cried. Then harry came to me. "dont worry, babe he will be fine soon" he said. i calmed down. "Harry i-i i'm nothing without him he is my brother..it was all my fault" i said. "I know how close you are to him..he is also my brother we cant see him in situation.c-" 'Mr. Styles?" the doctor asked. "Yes?" "come in i have to talk to you" he stood up and walked into he room. 10 minutes later he came out with a sad face.."W-what happend?" i asked. "H-he forgot many things he-he has a memory lo-" he got interrupted by the boys " no this shouldnt be possible" louis said. "it is..we slowly can do things wich he could remember something" "o-oh" i said. "can we go in" liam asked. "yes" harry answered. i stayed outside..i wanted to be alone..and later alone with him. 20 minutes later the boys came out i stood up and opened my mouth i wanted to say something "sorry.." harry said. "..why?" "he didnt remember us..but he does remember one direction..what is weird actually" harry ended the sentence. i walked into the room. "Preeti" zayn said. "Y-You r-remember me?" i asked crying. "of course..you are my sister..you are in my heart" i cried even harder and hugged him. "zayn i'm so sorry it was only my fault that you are here now" i said through tears.. "no its not dont worry..eer are you married?" "yes zayn i am i'm married to harry.." " umm harry?" "the youngest member of one direction..you are a part of one direction!" "umm??" i tild him everything about Louis Liam Niall Harry about one direction, how they were formed, funny moments and more.
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